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August 12, 2005


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OMG--Lovin' your blog! You've got shabby going on!! Love the whole look--your hubbie is awesome, cause this sure wouldn't fly in my home no matter how bad I wanted it! Glad you stopped by and visited my blog, or I never would have found your little treasure! Can't wait to see more!


lol! i love the chans! my husband won't be letting me go completely shabby anytime soon, so i am living vicariously through you!


My dear hubby would not be happy with chandeliers in each room, but I have discovered that I can live viariously through my daughters and have purchased no less than FOUR mini chandeliers for their new rooms (clearanced at Lowes even!) My hubby doesn't get it, but is merely happy they won't be in "his" space! Yours are adorable and I LOVE the one with the little mini shades!!!


Your chandeliers are beautiful, Jenn! I have them in both of my bathrooms as well as my scraproom (although they are not as antique and beautiful as yours) and I just love them. You have such a beautiful home!


Oh they're just beautiful!!! :) We were just in a lighting store, and my 5yo DD just fell in love with the chrystal chandaliers. I'd love to have as many as you've got (they're just GoreJESS ;) !!!! I think I might have to get at least 1 into my house! :)

Nancie Rowe-Janitz

Jenn, love your blog and LOVE the shabby-ness. I am in awe, as I also have the Shabby Chic books. I want to incorporate the look in my own home, but for some reason, I've never done it. So far, I've just managed to collect old tea cups! hee hee. I love antiquing too and would love to hear tips on flea marketing. We are near Ann Arbor, Michigan if you know of any out this way. Anyway, those chandeliers are simply mouth watering!!! Looking forward to seeing more pics!


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I'd personally rather get a bargain on something like a chandelier than to spend $300 or more on that item. It's such a satisfying feeling to find what you want and get it for a steal!

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