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August 08, 2005


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Fun inspiring desk! Desks DO get messy - that is why you will probably never see a picture on mine online!

Congrats on the potty-training! Oh that feels SO good to be over that hump - I can SO relate!




Jenn...sweetie - you are just tooo funny :) YOU KNOW that I am LOVIN' your desk and everything that I see! I am in the process of re-designing my studio (actually - just shopping so far - LOL)...and my vision is much the same! Painting the walls PINK soon - he he! Oh...and had to tell you that I totally laughed...because I just recently ordered the PINK Pittsburgh Steelers baseball cap (although - I'm a GB fan, too :)!!!! So funny! Alright - shutting up now! So happy to find your blog! Later!



OMG how fun is your desk?!?!!! Awesome stuff!


CONGRATS JOSH ON POTTY TRAINING!!!! WOO HOO! Cool photo of your desk! :)


love it...but it cracks me up you an an extra ibook!


I'm looking at my desk filled with black and silver techno crap and I'm feeling TOTALLY uninspired now!! Your desk is AMAZING - wow - you are an inspiration!


I'm really wanting a laptop for myself. I never get to digiscrap because I'm always fighting with everyone else in the house for computer time. I've always had desktop PCs, but I'd love to hear more about your ibook. Can an ibook and PC live together peacfully in the same house?


Gorgeous!! love your desk ALOT jenn! what beautiful work area! cute how you put arrows all over the photo, great layout ;) HUGE congrats again on DS's potty learning!! BTW i think that the black ribbon and bow adds the perfect touch to your banner :)


I just found your blog through thedigichick!! Beautiful!! I love Shabby Chic and have to go to the store in downtown Chicago whenever I visit my sister. It is such a clean, pretty style!
Speaking of which, is the paper etc. that you used for today's post your design? It is very pretty and goes so well with the photo!


just love your desk - so fun!


WOW!! What a GORGEOUS work area!! Looks like it's straight from a design magazine!! Wanna come decorate my house?

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