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August 07, 2005


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I love pink too!!!
Great BLOG so far!



You are too cute!!!!

I bet you were going nuts at my house - no pink in sight!!! LOL!!


Pink is SOOO da bomb! LOVE IT LOVE IT! I tend to buy a lot of it!


So is it safe to guess that you are also a Twinkle fan (from Higglytown Heroes)? Never enough pink in this world! Great blog, love the pics!


deep inside, i love pink.. its the girly girl coming out of me ..LOL BUT, i will admit, you will find nothing pink in my house. I LOVE the hat!! who would have thunk you culd get a hat sporting a football teams logo in PINK!! ;)
Gotta love supportive hubbies! yours sounds like he is a great one all around!


signing in as another addict of anything and everything pink! diggin' the diaper bag and the mixer is on my must have list, even though i have it in black. ;)


Hey, I am in need of pink boxing gloves for a t-shirt I am making for a friend. DO you happen to have a design I can use (or will you make me one?)? Thanks!!

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