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August 04, 2005


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You've gotta come check out some of the shops here in St. Louis. Gringo Jones is an import shop, but some REALLY cool iron stuff that would be REALLY neat shabbied up!


That's all at your HOUSE??? Oh my...I'm embarrassed that you have been in mine now. I have NO style whatsoever!!!

You need to come down here and go Shabby Chic-ing at the Orange Circle - they have some great stuff!!


I love those planters and I am so sad that we don't have any flea markets like that in my area. Better yet I would love to go with you someday. Such great finds. Is'nt shabby so great, it can be so individual and yet you can find soooo many great things to spice up your collections. I love this stuff!!!!


Gorgeous stuff jenn! i wish that i had the patience to go find some fabulous finds like that. Beautiful stuff!!

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