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September 18, 2005


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Love the lamp!!
BTW= I went to Target tonight and thought about you & your blog as I walked down the SHABBY bedroom stuf isle.



Your blog is so darn beautiful, Jenn! I just love to look at your posts - awesome finds here!


i love that red bucket jenna!! do you do shabby prince for boys? i hope the kiddies are feeling better-my computer went down friday night and it was 3 days to get it fixed!! boy was i miserable all week-end!! LOL

The Lemonade Connection

Jenna, seriously, did you go to SR Flea Market? Or is there a new one??? I so miss my old digs!! Would so have LOVED going with ya!


What incredible finds! Glad you got to go (sans kids, too!).


Great finds! That bucket is too cute!


A big Flea Market sounds like so much fun! (I love watching Find & Design just for the Flea Markets they go to!) (Love the shabby red pail!)

Looks like you found some great shabby finds! So sweet that your DH offered! Hope those babies get to feeling better soon!

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