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October 20, 2005


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What a darling bag! Have a great weekend!


I'm sorry to hear that you were having a down in the dumps kind of day!!! What a GREAT pick-me-up that bag is! You just can't look at it without smiling!!! (Personally I'd have a hard time actually USING it cause I'd be worried sick of getting coffee or toddler-boogers or the other perils of mommy-hood on it!)


Oh I want one. I definitely want one. Will you link to her site when it opens? Oh heck, I'll just grab it and add it to my favs lol. Love your cute kiss layout and I know how those days go. Hugs to store for the next one, which I hope is really afar off!


Beautitul LO Jenn! Happy weekend!


cute bag! so pleased it arrived in time to brighten your day.

The Lemonade Connection

Alright Miss Jenna...your delicious self is as fabulous as ever! Just loved your "real-ness" in this...we all have those oh so utterly, in the dumps, can't get up even if i wanted to, all i need is a girlfriends ear, kind of days! So glad that one of your girls jumped in! Isn't that just like God to send one just in time!? Anyway, adorable bag. And oh my word the kiss layout, could your kids be any more darn cute?? Jenna darling, now this is a LIFE worth living! My hugs to you all!

Justine McCarthy

OMG that bag is to die for. Your so lucky to have friends makign you such wonderful stuff.

Those layouts are wonderful too.


Wow, that bag would make my year! Hugs!

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