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October 10, 2005


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Awww.. I so wanna live in that neighbourhood! Actually.. I just want to live in the blue house... SO SWEET. Actually given we have already drawn up plans for our dream home - and I love cleanliness not cleaning - and so it is nothing like that house.. i dream of having a country house like this one.. because they are supposed to be a little less than perfectly clean.. :)

You can come and decorate me a shabby lounge room for my holiday home...

:) thanks for sharing.


Wow, that is a really nice street!
Is it Wisteria Lane? (Desperate Housewives)

I love the 3rd house down!


Love it! Most of our flowers have faded and it is a dreary rainy day here in Indiana, so your cheery photos are SO uplifting!!!

Katie Nelson

I love these pictures - drooling over the neighborhood!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog on the 2Peas digi board - made my day! Your blog is also wonderful and I just wanted you to know that I have a link to it on mine and I come visit your blog when I get a minute here and there.

Keep up the good blogging :)



What gorgeous scenery!!


Oh sweetie - I wanna come walk with you guys - LOL! What a spectacular view on your morning stroll...LOVE IT! Those pics are sooooo fabulous! TFS :)

Taran Conyers

The third house from the bottom is my fave!!! look at that gorgeous porch. Just perfect for taking in the sights/sounds of the neighborhood which looks AMAZING!!!! I don't even want to know how much a house like that would cost.. I'm spoiled by the affordable housing prices here in (overcast and cold) Indiana. ;) Your 'SMJ' stamp is cute!!!


These photos are GORGEOUS! I'd love to take a walk with these great images to look forward to.


OHmaGosh! Any houses for sale?, LOL. I live in Southern Texas and it is bright beautiful sunshine here as well. I have never been to Cali but I sure hope to soon...I live in a 3 story saltbox style home here in Texas and I have shabbied it up preety nicely I think, LOL. I would love to see a pic of your house inside and out, do you have any? My friends and I love to share pics over the web of our newly decorated rooms or just when we get a nice new shabby piece that we want to show off, LOL. Ok thanks for sharing and I hope to see pics of your house soon. I have just discovered digiscraping, OH MAGOSH! I am hooked so hopefully I'll figure it out soon and have a blog up and running in no time. Thanks again and your blog is awesome, Bekah...

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