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October 06, 2005


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That basket is waay to cute. It will find a happy home, I am sure! Sounds like lots of fun, and I hope it helps the victims of Katrina/Rita. Love your blog and all the pics. I am a newbie.. having followed the link from SP's site. Loving your shabby style.


Great job Jenn!!
I bet they will be fighting over this cute bucket


how cute is this! oh, i also love what you've done with the banner. i didn't think it could look better than before, but alas, i was wrong!


Adorable, Jenn! Love all the clever details!


I could go on and on about this - but, I will just say WOWEEEEE - that is the cutest! FABULOUS JOB and I hope it brings alot!


It is amazing! I adore cherries and know I would buy it :)


Oh my gosh, this is wonderful. Amazing job.

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