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November 08, 2005


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I am so dying to play with this kit, too!!! Wanna race? LOL! Just kidding! I do have a girl, but she's not a girly-girl, but I think I can still put it to good use. I love polka dots so much and Kim does them so well! Enjoy YOUR kit! :D


Bah! I should have kept those kit ingredients to myself before I unleashed them to the public..hahah!! I was planning on making a kit like that for ya, but was struggling for time at the moment. :) Glad someone was able to anyway! Have a great night..sweet shabbylicious one.

Gina Miller

LOVE that pink stocking!!!!!


OK - soooo how cool is that kit? WOW! Toooo fun! And...ya know I'm loving the stocking...didn't get to grab one (or two - LOL) today - but will tomorrow :)

Brenda Kempf

oh my the pink stocking is soooo beautiful...and so is that special kit that Kim did for you...lucky girl!!!

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