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November 12, 2005


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ALOHA! Thanks to Princess Shabby that I got here and you have such a beautiful's so full of fun, colorful and fascinating! Is it okay if I can use your link on my blog? Much appreciated and thanks! By the way, I'm Yvette aka AlohaMamma. *ALOHA*hugs!


What a bunch of great kits!
Get feeling better


You can't keep a good shopper down, can you? Sinus infection or not! LOL! You picked up some great stuff. I nabbed the DDE Forever Grateful Kit, Kim Hill's new Blast Off Kit, and some stuff from Jen Wilson Designs (Signature No. 2 and 3 plus some fonts). I've got my eyes on Dianne Rigdon's Humbug stuff, too! Oh, it's good to be digi! LOL

Emily aka SheScraps

Hope you get over that sinus infection soon...those are the worst! I also bought the cute little charmed alphas this weekend. I just couldn't resist them! Too cute!!


Wow you bought lots of fun stuff!!! So glad you like the Charmed Alpha!

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