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November 30, 2005


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Oh, hope you are feeling better soon!!! Can't WAIT to see your shabby tree!!! Can't you come visit me and help me shabby-up my house?? ;)

Holly McCaig

I had a root canal right before Christmas one year! YUCK YUCK YUCK! Okay, I WANT those glasses!!!! They are just sooo stinkin' cool! LOL Oh yes, a NICE dirty martini! YUM!!!! :)


I was starting to worry about you!!!
Root canals are the worst!!!
I cannot wait to see your shabby tree!


hey, how about a root canal and a crown? Just five days ago now.


You have the BEST taste! But I'm going to resist going!!!!


Awww you poor thing. Feel better soon! We are sending positive shabby thoughts your way. Lochie blows a kiss too!


Yes, I LOVE the Bubble Flip kit! I pretty much love everything Holly & Manda do together. I love the shabby pink basket.

Funny thing is I hated the color pink until I had my little girl, now I even wear pink. I love love pink! I can't wait to see your tree!


Jenn :)

Oh no...more adorable kits to druel over and spend too much money on!!! LOL Just wanted to say hello to a fellow those signs you posted below...ME WANTEEEE!!! :P


Yay!! A New Shabby blog entry!!!!!! I love catching up with what you're doing! You always know how to make me smile! :-)

Robin that MY kit on YOUR blog...Whoa. :) Thanks Jenn... I was starting to wonder about you too, glad to know you're starting to get back to feelin better. I hate anything having to do with my teeth. The dentist is an evil, evil man LOL!

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