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November 03, 2005


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Holly Mccaig

OMG!!!! That is gorgeous!!!!!!


in your flip flops eh? hmmm.. I be treckin to the market in my winter wear already..LOL flip flops... SIGH.. i LOVE flip flops!! i miss them already... my toes were free!!!

and i Love the chic pretties! :)


Heh... I still am wearing flip flops up here in Spokane, Wash., even though it's near freezing -- guess the California girl in me won't die easily!

Oh, and you've been tagged... Muahahaha!


Gorgeous wreath Miss Jenn. I'm so looking forward to more Chic Holiday Goodies. : ) LOVE your new header. Beautiful.


LOVE that Glass bulb wreath.
& I am still wearing my flip flops, here in COLD Idaho! :)

Brenda Kempf

wow wow wow on the wreath...and yes, I'm in shorts and short sleeve is November and it is still soooo in Texas

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