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December 07, 2005


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Oh, I LOVE that tree! My three year old DD would love to have a tree of her own. That's a great idea for next year. Loving the fluffy princess hat too.



Wow that is completely cool. My dd would love it also.



oh how adorable is that?!! I LOVE IT!! must figure out where they keep the pink trees....


that is totally adorable and so you Miss jenn!!!!! :-)


I just had to comment on your latest entry. My dd Jessica has that same tree and ofcourse I had to call her over here to look at the pic of Chayce and her tree and she opened her mouth wide and said "Hey that is just like my tree". Too Cute and I think she has had hers about the same amount of time....Gotta love Avon and all the cute Barbie stuff they carry.:-)


Love the tree. We have a little tree (we had a smaller house when i bought it) I am thinking about buying a BIG tree and letting lochs have the little tree for his room..(or the play room)

Maybe santa could leave presents under his tree.. dh will kill me.. but you know... he never actually

Chayce looks like she is having soo much fun!

Rose Farver

Oh my gosh this is tooo cute! Lovely idea!


So I'm cruising the blogs and I hadn't seen this layout posted, and I'm waving hi cause I haven't been around all week. But O, that is the cutest tree ever! Makes me wish JT liked pink, LOL. Seriously, that is adorable.

Shannon B.

Awww! This made my heart melt. This year, my Dad bought a pink princess tree with pink and blue lights for my two daughters (ages 2 yrs. and 3 months). And just reading and seeing your daughter still decorating her princess tree made me look down the road to the future, imagining my little girls doing the same. So sweet to see you scrap such a wonderful sentimental memory!


this is so so so cute jenn!! I'm doing some blog-hopping right now and just realize: I MISSED SO MUCH!!! I hope you are ok! I wrote a little update at my blog, I'm having some rough times. Talk to you soon! [[hugs]]

Paula Duncan

Great tree! Where did you find that? Did they come in other colours? My dd would love This is a great LO! The photo is precious and the pink is just great for the holidays.

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