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December 17, 2005


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I am SO putting Papa Haydn on my list of places to visit the next time I'm in Portland, too (which will be for CKC-Portland, thank you very much!) Thanks for the heads-up! tee hee! Pretty shabby tree!


That tree is so soft and perfectly you!! Love the LO as well.

I have an OT question. I was chatting with Mindy today about how I need a new *grown up* purse, since all the onces I own are teeny bopperish. She said you're very fashionable, so I should ask you.

So, who makes the best purses? Keep in mind my max price is $150. Thanks in advance. LOL.



MMMMMmmmmm....just looked at the desserts on the papa haydn menu - WOW! Gonna have to try that next time - thanks for the tip miss jenn :) also....waiting to hear about the purse recommendation....I'm a total addict!

Now that I'm reviewing Becky's comment too....why don't you come for CKU Portland and we can all go have wine and dessert at papa haydn?!?! :)


Pretty Shabby!!! Love the soft white tree!
Have a merry Christmas!!!


omg! that is the yummiest looking tree ever! no joking, it looks like a marshmallowy confection! hope you and your family have a most blessed christmas!


Oh my... that is the most beautiful tree!!!! GORGEOUS page!


It is just not possible for that tree to be any more girly or shabby.... who princessy!

Love the LO and all the little bits of everyones creative genius..all tied together in true shabby style by your good self... Merry Christmas!


Wow, how fun and I agree with looks yummy! There's so way I could get away with it, the husband would probably divorce me, but it's so fun to look at your pages. Fabulous!!


Wow...what a spectacular tree! Feels like to buy your ticket and get into your world, get myself some cmofy for a while! Love your layouts. Love your photos. Love reading your blog. Love your juicy ideas. Have a good one!


I so love it. You are the most creative gal I know! p.w.


Your tree is just awesome and so is your layout! I am loving your shabby site! It is terrific! So glad I found you... I am adding you to my favorites list! :) Oh, I followed a link from Carrie Stephens Blog, btw.

Happy Holidays,

Kelly Shults


What a magical tree!

Brenda Kempf

totally smashing!

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