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December 30, 2005


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See I have to fight for any amount of shabby in my home - dh hates painted wood and old looking things. Sigh. I am working on a little piece of shabby that I can show you later, meanwhile, speaking of chandeliers, check out this awesome artist!


Oooh! Great purse! Love the chubby flower as well!


I live my shabby/girly side vicariously through you now! So fun! Keep sharing in the new year! Did you get enough sleep?


omg! lovin' all that stuff! seen spectrum chandeliers before and didn't know whether they looked as good IRL as they do in the ads. but now, with your stamp approval, off to buy one (or two). lol. and definitely need to go to cost plus and NOW!


Oooh those shabby wall hooks look fabulous. I think your home ought to be featured in a super shabby home magazine or something. I can design kits fine, but I'm lost when it comes to home decor. How about being a personal interior designer? Don't you live in Cali? LOL.

Sara *plotting to redecorate*


I've never thought of myself as a shabby kind of girl, but after seeing this, I might be convinced to come to the shabby side. I'm considering redecorating my bedroom in all things shabby. Shhhh don't tell my husband!


Happy Birthday!!!
Love everything SHABBY about you

Hugs Janna


Happy Shabby Day!


Love these great finds! Need that purse too! Very shabby! Gotta love Cost plus! I just helped my mom order from Spectrum for her newly built home. All her chandeliers look totally fabulous! We actuall first found the site on a local web mag that is very girly and chic-
Is it your birthday---who knew! Happy Shabby Birthday my dear!


I saw a post today that indicated it was your Birthday.. hope so.. otherwise I look a bit silly... grins

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS JENN.. hope it was wonderful.. full of love.. shabby pressies.. and fun.

Hip Hip Hooray!


You are really making me wish that i could redecorate my whole entire house! we went a lot more modern than i like but my DH... sigh.. he actually has a LOUD opinion.... SIGH.... LOL
maybe i will just work shabby magic on my bedroom when i get around to changing it.

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