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January 08, 2006


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you are turning me on to this shabby style sista!!!!! lol - oh my poor asian inspired decor would clash! AHAHAAH

again - LOVE LOVE LOVE that layout! YOU ARE AMAZIN!


GOD I'M DROOLING!!! I am sorry I missed your birthday sweets!! I will have to think of a way to make it up to you...I hope it was fabulous!!!


Darling LO! Your DD is such a cutie!

Love that womans shabby home! I wish my home was so colorful! I am doing a make over with our tax return this year. We'll see if I can convince my DH that I need more pink in my home. LOL.



i like this stuff too! and great lo!!! hey - i'm probably only a couple hrs away from that shabby store in pinehurst! funny!


Cute! Cute! Cute! Your wish list is long, but worth every penny! Go for it!!

All the best,
Traci in Alaska


Oh my gosh, you are like the decorating queen!!! Would you be willing to come on out to Colorado to decorate my 800 sq ft house? :)


You are SO putting me in the mood to be shabby. I would say stop it, but really I hope you don't! LOL. I am loving all that pink with just the splash of baby blue in there! Ooooh makes me happy!


Jenn! This lo ROCKS! I love it! You are so awesome! So I snuck in my first sabby chic purchace, a really cool magazine holder. It's small, but it made a big difference on my desk. I have to warm hubby up to the idea of goin shabby. Little by little like a frog in boiling water.


talk about eye candy! yum for the chabby in me! love your rose bottles too, how did you make them?

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