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January 12, 2006


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((((Hugs Jenna))))))
Take it easy and try and relax!!!!


OH no! I would have freaked out. My DS fell off the bed the other night and bit his toung in 3 places. The blood made me panic. Thank goodness DH was there.

I hope Matt feels better soon, and the tooth fairy brings him something great!



Poor little guy. I'm glad he's okay and that you survived the ordeal as well. Have one of those margs from me.


OH MY GOODNESS, Jenn! You poor thing - I KNOW you were freaking it out - but, probably still handled everything perfectly! You are such a wonderful Mommy...and little Matt - oh noooo! Having you ever seen a cuter little guy with only one tooth? he he! Sorry for the rough morning!!!! And...ummmm...owe ya an email....don't I? LOL...soon!!! Love ya,



sorry for the typo...LOL - I meant to say 'freaking out'...NOT 'freaking IT out'? LOL!


poor fella sweetie!!!


Poor Little Guy! Hugs to him!


Oh my goodness! Poor lil guy. What are we going to do with these lil boys? My lil boy Stone fell off of the sofa yesterday and busted his lip and blood was gushing everywhere. His lip is swollen the size of a grape, lol, thats big for a lip i think, hehehe. This morning he gets up and tells us a lizard bit him on his lip, lol, go figure. Gotta luv em. Hope your lil guy is feeling better..Love reading your entries...Bekah


This is terrible - what a shock it all must have been - so glad be is better and eveything was o.k.!! Tell him he is even CUTER now!!



Aww Jenn!!! Poor little lamb! He does look so cute with that one tooth hanging out..haha. I'm glad he didn't do more damage..dressers can be dangerous!


Big hug!!! Nothing like seeing a mouth full of blood to get your heart racing! He'll be fine...and he looks adorable without the tooth.



A GF's girl lost a tooth at our house one time, while riding a bike and crashed into our car. It was awful.

Sorry you had to go through it!


He definitely is a cutie! :0) My Ellie hit her tooth when she was two and I thought it had fallen out - turned out that it had lodged UPWARDS! Unbelievably it came back down on its' own but was grey for a long while - we were so happy when she finally lost it! Thank goodness Matthew's came out cleanly. I guess there's always a silver lining, huh? But I know what your poor heart must have gone through during those first couple of hours...I hope you have a restful sleep tonight Jenn - you deserve it! :)



awww, poor baby, matthew and mommy alike! oh gosh, is there anything that can stop a mommy's heart quicker than seeing her baby's blood? i'm glad to hear that all is well now!


OH, Jenn, I'm terribly sorry that you had to go through that! Poor little guy! Yes, I would need a long recovery time after that! Big hugs!
PS- I bought some roses for our dining room table since some friends were coming over and thought of you wen picking them out and arranging them. I thought they looked shabby chic. I even put a pic of them on my blog----was seriously thinking of you!


jenn! thank goodness he is okay! i would have totally lost it- blood always makes me crazy. poor sweetie.
glad you are both okay.


Poor guy!! But I guess it's a good thing that it was a baby tooth and not a permanent one. I got mine knocked out playing fastpitch softball in highschool and believe me, that'll cost a lot more at the dentist's office.... :)


Oh poor baby - and poor Momma! Ugh it's never easy when our kids get hurt.

The Lemonade Connection that stinks! Im so sorry Jenna! Maybe I should say...Im so sorry Matthew. I can't even get over how big he is and that little tooth hasnt' curbed is cute appeal in the slightest!! JUST as adorable. As are all your beautiful babies. Matthew's are known for playin it hard aren't they? :) ehugs from NY babycakes.


just found your blog site and was wondering if you could tell me a little about the store you have. web site for it?

Tonya Renz

OH NO Jenn! I know that must have been scary! I'm glad it's all going to be fine in the long run though! Poor boy! They sure DO play hard at that age! We've had our share of accidents around here... Most of which always seem to get her on the face and ALWAYS before some big opportunity for photos! Anyways... big hugs to you both... Hope things have settled down...

Melissa Goerke

OMG...I'm freaked out just reading this. I'm so glad he's okay and I know you just lost a couple of years off of your life!!! Be good to yourself this weekend. You deserve it.


Oh no!!!!!!!! poor buddy!!! Glad to hear everything is fine, but boy take it easy now. :)


Oh no,poor baby!!! I am glad he is ok,he is still a cutie that's for sure!

Rachael Giallongo

Awwwww, what a poor little guy! :(

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