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January 20, 2006


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Love the hooks / cabinet ! You'll definitely have to share your painting technique :)


girlllll you are the shabbiest, margarita drinkinest, hot chicky i've ever met!!! LOL

Michelle Adams

Sign Language is just the BEST! I agree! I wish I had known with my 1st born....
Love the new cabinet! And your J!


i love, love, love that hallway shelf (is there a shabbylicious word for when you posted about those hooks, i RAN to our local cost plus, which sadly only had one of the hooks, and i finally picked up another two at a "more distant" store. geez...never in a million years would i have conceived of that great idea for using them. you've certainly inspired some new plans for those hooks. ooh, also love those appliques...been spying them on some sites, including "not too shabby." is that you? lol.


Beautiful hall tree...beautiful J! Totally cool...I always love to come and see your shabbiness!


Miss Jenn, Can I keep you? Or borrow you? LOL! I tell you, I have been greatly influenced by you lately. Suddenly I'm drawn to all things shabby and gorgeous. I was impressed to see Target is carrying a shabby chic line.
I love that shabby shelf! darling! And the shabby monogram! You're so crafty! I think I may have to make one for myself!
Love ya Miss Jenn!


geeze Louise~ you are coming by my house later, right? Mine could use some of your special touch! Beautiful!


Aye!! Jenn...can't you come do Delaney's dresser for me???? I'm so scared! I don't want to over distress it...maybe if I just zoom in on your cabinet I'll get a "clue" heehee!

Gotta just dive right in with dh's sander...just can't tell him I'm using it :)


oh jenn!!! i adore that monogram!!!


You shabby lil' thing you! Look at you go with that adorable furniture you created! Oh so yummy! I would love for you to write a book on your paint techniques! Jenn, it is incredible and deserves every bit to be in a Shabby book/mag.! I'm so glad you put the info about signing in your post---more parents need to check that out---and look at little Josh with his "B" so cute!
OK, Shabby Missy, I need to seriously get lessons on how to create a monogram of my own. You did a fab job as always!
Hope you & your family are having a sweet weeked!


Wow! You are amazing!!!! I love the furniture and the monogram is awesome! You're oozing with talent aren't ya!


I'm a first-time reader and had to comment. I LOVE the J! I have three kids whose names all begin with J - it's kind of a running joke in my family. Anyway, it's awesome! I want to try my hand at it, too.


Woman - you just AMAZE me - seriously! Love it all and HOW CUTE IS JOSH in that photo? Adorable! I could just live at your blog :)


Tonya Renz

OH JENN! I loved Kristie's and I love yours too! It is the cutest "J" I've ever seen! I was wanting to make one for Kaitlyn... Now, I will definitely HAVE TO! LOVE your door project... that just rocks and the hooks look fab on it too! VERY CRAFTY INDEED!!!!!

The Lemonade Connection

Sugar, it was wayyyy too much fun having our little chat! Too much fun! Im sooo glad you're still out there doin your thing. You're fabulous Jenna! Can't wait to talk again love.


Ahhh, so that is what you had planned for those hooks! So very, very pretty! I guess I'll have to use mine on my wall to hang all my ribbons for cards...I do love your treasure though, wonderful creativity! Marie :)


love all the pics you post, shabby stuff and your not-so-shabby kids! My 15 mon old finally figured out how to say please - too cute!!!
so, my question is, did you make that cute raggedy bag that is hanging on that lovely piece of furniture? love it and the hooks and the J and well, all of it!

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