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January 24, 2006


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Oh Great, now I have drool all over my keyboard!!! Thanks a lot, LOL!!! We don't have a Starbucks anywhere near where I live, I struggle every day, lol!


that sign is a crack up...they should have added some candy too. :) i can't wait to see what you come up with for that vanity. i'm certain it will be shabbylicious.

you know what, i just stumbled across that lookintheattic site, and since it has your seal of approval...kaching, kaching. ;)

beautiful page, but i'll leave feedback in the gallery for that. and thanks for the 4-1-1 on the brushes!


Oh boy oh boy oh BOY!! How MUCH have you made my day. The queen of shabby thought of MY cupboards while having caffeinated shabby conversations. WOW! I do believe I'm beaming. :)

And the vanity, it's fantastic mirror and those pink glass knobs are gonna look amazing. Can't wait to see the finished project! :)


Mmmm.. those Cinnamon Dolce Latte's are the BEST!!!! I hope they keep them.. :) That vanity is SOO pretty, I have been LOOKING for something like that for my house for agessss now. Can't wait to see it when it is done! :)


mmmmm.... starbucks..... that sign is just perfect! love it!!!!!!!!!


I love your latte layout. Brown and Pink are one of my favorite color combinations. Can't wait to see the vanity when it's all done up. I used to have one similar to that when I was little and I miss it.


How do you do it, my dear! I have a constant urge to scraplift every single one of your layouts. They're all absolutely stunning! I haven't lifted one yet, just not sure if that's really ok with people??? Unless you beg me to or something! LOL! Oh how I adore the glass nobs on those cabinets and the ones you're thinking of for the vanity! Can't wait to see how shabbyriffic it looks! You seriously amaze me with your talents. Oh, thanks for introducing us to that photoshop/brush site! Super find!


I've seen that sign, but not at your church, LOL. I'll have to ask dh where we saw it for sure, but it gave us a big chuckle too. Must be getting around ;). I haven't said hi in forever, so I thought I'd stop by. Take care!


love your site!Where is your store? I also love Rachel Ashwell, I just wish they would update the shabby chic site.I'am addicted to carmel fraps myself.


Love the vanity


I cannot believe that I hadn't stumbled on this blog before! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS....I love everything in here....must come back soon!


PS (I tagged you on my blog)


Oh this so takes me back. I remember going past a used furniture place on my way to school every day - it was right by the candy shop lol - and they had the coolest old stuff....esp. old vanities like this one. I used to wish and wish for one. :-)

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