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January 16, 2006


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Hurry with your project...I might want to project-lift it!!! Thanks for the victorian art link...I think I just purchased some of this on the Dover CD's, LOL. Always love to check out your blog, and LOVE your title art...thanks for sharing!



Sorry, forgot to post this with the first one...thank you for doing a layout with Ronna's new kit...I looked at it today and it looked so similar to one of her kits (peaches and cream?) that I already have that I hesitated to purchase it, but with your layout looking so pretty, I had to go back and have a second look...and buy it, hee hee.


OK, you're just making my day here! I love to click all over blogs of those that I adore--so much eye candy! Great favorites and so inspiring! What a totally PRECIOUS layout using Ronna's kit with that sweet, sweet daughter of yours! How's that little man? Well,'s that shaken mommy of his? Doing ok? Just love your layouts and can't imagine what the project is but know I'll be crazy about it!


You are the little miss link queen - LOVE visiting here and following your trail of goodies - my bank account does NOT thank you though!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header here - so awesome!!



Love your new header!!!


oh how fun! i just love reading your blog - just another to add to my daily visits list!? lol. great new header, btw! just love it! a.
ps little did i know i would read all about your new modscraps faves! ;) and this was after the PM! hehe.


Me again, hehe...I love your heading and all of your work! Do you design auction templates etc.


LOVE the new blog header! And how sweet that you linked me about the quotes. I'm not even sure how I inspired you but I LOVE your little quote 'art' and you've found some good ones! :) Just lovin' your whole blog. I think it could consume an entire day just checkin' out all the fun links. There goes that extra scrappin time I hoped to gain from leaving the SBB team. LOL Fun stuff though, fun stuff! :)

Hope you're havin' a great week!

Smoochies :)

Katy ~PLucky

Thanks so much for sharing! Love Love Love the links and that LO with your living doll is total sweetness!


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