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January 29, 2006


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happy birthday josh! what a big day, the big "3", with no other number tagged on the back of it. :) he's such a cutie. :)

oh my gosh, is cleaning too much a BAD thing? cause then i must be UBERgood. lol.


Happy Birthday Little Mr Josh!!! 3 is such a fun year!
Thanks for playing tag!


Awww! Happy Birthday sweet Josh! Hope he has a blast today!

LMBO @ aqua net.Been there done that.

Ok, I'm off to play tag.


Awwe, look at your little cutie-patootie birthday boy! It's not fair, you're right! I hope the Incredibles cake was yummy and you guys had a fabulous celebration!
I'm just dying to see the outcome of that vanity! I told my husband, that when we move to our next place in the near future, that I'm going to "shabby-it-up" a bit. He said, "you go girl!"--- So, I'll be leaning on you for much inspiration. Just wish I could get a hold of that shabby store of yours!
Take care and happy b-day Josh!


Happy Birthday!

Not sure if I have spotted it and commented before..
but thanks for adding me to your Blog Reads list.. i felt so special when i noticed that!

Have a great week!


Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

LOL Aquanet! Huntington Beach? Are you from CA Jenn?

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