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February 09, 2006


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Lauren - pieterspea

So cute! Great thinking on the tea party!


How cute is that and I love how she matches the "cakes"...great idea by the way!


Wow Missy Jenn! Those frames are just absolutely gorgeous!!! Me LUVS them! Those would look FAB in Missy Livvie's room! WTG on the DingDongs!!! That just cracked me up! Nice save Mom!


WOWZERS - totally LOVE those frames!! And I even more LOVE LOVE that latest LO - so GORGEOUS and YUMMY!!


Oh wow Miss Jenn! Those frames are gorgeous. I especially love the top two on the right corner.Where or where did you find those?
My house is currently like your *old* house used to be. I'm trying to convince DH to make a change with me, over to white, pink & shabby. The convincing is not going so well. So, I'll settle for my work space being shabby chic, it's a good compromise for me.

Those little cakes are fabulous! I'll have to *borrow* that idea from you. My DD Mckenzie is turning 4 March 31st, and we're throwing her a tea party. I want little cakes, sandwhiches, and fancy hats. Lots of pinks & fluffy decorations, and tiered platters and cake stands. (is this more for her or me. LOL)
Thanks for the great ideas.



Just that look on her sweet little face makes me want to crack a laugh! What a great idea with the ding dong thingies and the icing!!! Have to keep that in mind when my oven freaks out on me AGAIN!!!! Doesn't jen air know that 350 is NOT 500!!! They just don't make them like they used too!!!

Sooo, are you selling these cutie frames? They would go perfectly in my honey vic's room...maybe a darker pink or mint green for my little 'lizy's room...hmmmm? Something for you to think about.


Man, you totally rock! Way to be creative with the ding dongs! I've gotta tell you, I'm wanting to scraplift and bakelift everything you do! I am so impressed! And, Ooooh those frames are so pretty, Jenn! I'm telling you, when we move I'm going Shabby Big Time!


okay, I'm loving your frames! Way loverly. And totally loving your Ding Dong Darlings....yummy!! Want to make those! TFS!


I knew you would love that sweet romance kit. Well Heather's stuff is always so cute anyways, but this one's right up your alley. Lalalala about the candy dipped ding dongs (say that three times fast lol.)


I love those frames! Had a chuckle because my daughter and I had the "Oh Mom, I will never like those" talk today after doing our weekly bargain shopping at the outdoor market :) Those cakes look yummy too :)


Oh Wow! That layout is the bomb! I MUST have that kit, link me there please? And love to see how fun ding dongs are! Now, I got great idea but I must have that kit first only if I can find my credit is so misplaced somewhere in my room..what's wrong with me! Wonderful layout and have a valentine's day!

Kelly Shults

Your dd is a DOLL! Love this layout and love those frames!


I am going to HAVE to remember that trick with the ding dongs! That will come in handy for sure!! You are full of ideas:)


Dammit. You cruise along all pregnant, reading blogs and minding your own beeswax and someone mentions Ding Dongs. I'll be back...gotta find a supermarket now, lol!

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