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February 18, 2006


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Jenn, I'm right there with you on Jauquine Pheonix. He's my guy! Ever since I saw him in the Village and that porch scene. I can't wait until Walk the Line comes out on video. I didn't get to see it in theaters.

Smokin' LO Miss jenn.

Oh, and Johnny Depp is up there for me too.

Gillian Greding

Holy crap! How can I get invited to THAT slumber party?!!! :) Sounds like you girls had a fun night!


OH I am with Jodi. DR McDreamy!!!!


I'm utterly shocked!!!!


Oh, and I'm with Shawn! LOL!


eye candy is right! yummy! lol ... :)


ohhhh yeah... baaaaaby!

nate Nate NATE - Ya gotta love a guy who designs the towel..folds it correctly and looks hot in it! (mm I would be pleased if mine picked his up off the floor)

Dr McDreamy.. ohhh Patrick.. operate on me baby.. I think I have a temperature!

Mr Phoenix and can walk my line anyday!

and I need some help with the others... (being from Aus and all) but I think you have the gardener from DH up there... prune me baby! and i don't know the other guy but I choose to believe it is Matt McC -

My Pjs are packed, my shabby pillow is all ready and I have chocolate snacks galore.. can I join you (and the boys of course) for a bit of a pillow fight?


Oh my! That's exactly what I needed first thing in the morning to get me going!! Joaquin Pheonix just makes me drool!!!!!!!! **Sigh** Good God that man is gorgeous! ***DROOL*** I'll be coming back all day now...

I don't know who Shawn and Shari's guys are though. LOL!


OK, so this made my day despite news of having strep throat! Definitely something to really smile about! Sounds like the slumber party was tons of fun! Love the layout!

Heidi D

Love it! What a great layout idea. :) Thanks for sharing, glad you gals had so much fun!


Mmm Mmm - I ADORE them all - tall, dark and handsome!! That is one HOT HOT LO Miss Jenn!! Thanks for sharing your "Hotties"!!


What a fabulous image to wake up to this morning!! :) LOL I'm with Jodi- my dreams are filled with Dr. McDreamy, especially after watching "Grey's Anatomy" last night. Great layout!!! Love it!


Oh my, who a hoot!!! What a fabulous idea for a page, I think I have enough I could do my own page. I'm a very new fan of Grey's Anatomy and Dr. McDreamy is definitely a nice sight to see! Thanks for brightning the day a little!


What a yummy page Jenn!! I'm with Shawn on this one Matthew McC .... what a man! Too hot in Sahara!! Great way to start the day!


Ohh Jenn I'm so with you on Jauquine!! *drool* Although Vin Diesel is still at the top of my list ROFL. Jauquine is DEFINATELY up there with him though :)


I'm SOO sorry I missed the slumber party, but that pic of MY bo hunk, Matthew, is making up for it!! WOWWWWEEEE!!!!!

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