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February 13, 2006


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Happy Valentines Day Jenn!! LOVE LOVE that sweet sweet pic of DH and DD - soooo sweet!! And don't those treats look yummy - I didn't make anything for Ethan's class this year - I know - Bad Mommy!! LOL! I just spoiled my guys here instead!! Have a great day!!


Happy Valentine's Day!! How sweet of your dh! They both look so happy!! Great job on the treats, how cool are those? Very fun! Have a great Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's! I am dying over those Father/Daughter pics! How sweet! LOVE it!

Kim Hendricks

Hi Jenn,
You never cease to amaze me with your super creativity and shabbiness. Love your blog and your cute, cute style. That sweet pic of your dh & dd is just the smooshiest thing in the whole world. (doesn't hurt that you've got one of the best looking families with the most adorable babies!!!) Happy love day!


I am totally lovin' your form of Shabby! I do like a lot of shabby, but the 'creator' of shabby... her stuff just gets a bit too dingy for me at times.

I love the light, bright colors you have been sharing w/ us!!!


That sweet little corsage is too cute for words. Love the sweet cookie pops. You're the kind of Mom I wish I had growing up, and the kind I try to be.

Happy sweet & shabby valentines to you Miss Jenn.


Cindy  Mandernach

Where on earth do you find those beautiful roses that you embellished the vanity with? They are awesome. Beautiful piece. Cute pics of daughter and daddy too!!!



Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

I might actually cry a little over that precious photo of her little hand with the corsage. That is one of the very sweetest photos I've ever seen. Your dresser is gorgeous! I wish I could see the image of what I assume is the infamous watering can! *sigh* at least I got to see the perfect and adorable father/daughter Vday pics!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Ok I see it now! I LOVE that kit for this LO! That looks gorgeous! I can't believe people will let you name your price for the can and you're too attached to it! Wow! That's impressive! LOL!


ah, Jen. What can I say? I love reading your blog. Inspiring, eye candy, love oozes - just love reading it. I hope you had a great Valentine's day.



Oh my goodness, Lil' Miss Shabb's! You are amazing! Love, love the vanity! I'm telling you, if we move to the west I'm going to be begging for your Shabby Chic stuff. Oh, it's just killing me not to indulge yet with this stuff! OK, where else do I begin...first of all, love the pics and layouts. Way to precious for words! How cute is little C with her daddy! Awww! I totally copied your little cake idea with the ding dongs--- they didn't turn out as pretty as yours, but worked out great! I just adore your little cookie lollipops too-- and that little tag with matching bow! You are so yummy with all of your creative ideas! I am in awe evertime I turn the Shabby corner and check you out! Happy Love Day! Smooches!



An inspiration! The vanity, the lollies, and that SWEET ADORABLE pic of daughter and Daddy...she will remember that day for the rest of her life. :) Thanks for sharing....


GAsp I love everything. Maybe I should just BE you from now on? Come on over here and sit with my kids...and I'll go over there and paint things pink and use shabby kits. Yeah, that's the ticket! LOL. Love that pink vanity and the layouts - oooh that flea market chic kit is a new fav!


OK .. I like the vanity.. but I have decided.. rather than steal it.. your husband is a better find! How sweeeeeet is here.. and the father daughter dance and the corsage.. She will need a shabby Prince Charming to even compare to her Daddy! Way to Go Shabby Husband! and how fun was the shabbyshoppe reopening?!


OH - I was waiting for pics of the finished vanity! WOW - I am truly speechless - it is stunning! You are so inspiring to me! Love your blog and your cute LO's - you always have GREAT pictures and neat ideas! THANKS

Gillian Greding

Holy cute blog! Where to begin? Your vanity turned out lovely... what a joy to have. Also the pick of your husband and little girl is PRICELESS. She looks beyond excited to go out with her daddy. And the corsage? SO SWEET. I have to say, I also LOVE the cookie pops! These are amazing... you win the best Valentine treat prize by far! Glad I found your blog!

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