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February 02, 2006


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happy birthday little one!!!! and i wanted to ask if you've seen the cute shabby stationery at Target lately? I almost bought it to send to you, but through for SURE you've already got it!


So glad the b-day was fun! I guess you saw our bowling pics, huh! LOL! boys + bowling = too much fun! Every time Reece threw the ball it would pound on the floor and occasionally hop over to the other lane! Tooo sweet, I tell ya!
Love the shabby shelf!

Tonya Renz

too - too cute! Love the photos and checkin in on ya! I loved seeing you in the spotlight! Well deserved! Hope you have a fabulous day (uh, hum, so it's nearing midnight as I type this..) But, I can still wish you a fab day, right?


Kiddy bowling is so much fun...we have a place on the NIH campus that has a few lanes for the little ones...makes for a great time! I happened to acquire the Funky Phresh kit tonight after seeing two amazing layouts in two distinct styles (this kits got RANGE!!!) and the Heather Ann from your recommendation. I love red toiles so this fits in perfectly! Always enjoy catching up on your blog and seeing where your talent takes you next...congrats too on your sweetshoppedesigns dot com front pager! We all know you have it in you! Great job!


What a fun birthday idea! I have yet to take my kids bowling {for fear of injuries. LOL} LOoks like a blast!
Thanks for the Grand Opening Love. Can't wait to see what you do with Funky Phresh!
Oh, and I just saw a little post over at the Shabby Princess blog... Congrats on being called to her Shabby Artist team. You rock Jenn!


Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Your little guy is so darn cute!!!

Ok, next time you're down in OC, maybe you take me to a flea market and teach me the fine art of shopping shabby.

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