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February 27, 2006


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I have to say Miss Jenn, that you are really giving me the shabby bug. And this is coming from someone who has a home decorated in oranges, browns and blues, platinum everything, and a simple clean design all over! I don't know what it is about the shabbiness that is catching my fancy but I am seriously contemplating redecorating my home. -sigh- ;)


You amaze me with your titles or what have you---with the florals and brushwork! Love them! Great shabby tips that I'll have to take note of for sure! Super fab piece---oh so yummy with that blue! Again, you amaze me with your talent!


omg, you're a furniture whisperer! sooo cute! thanks for the great tips! i'll have to start talking to my furniture soon to channel their true shabbiness. :)


What a fun post! Thanks for sharing your shabbiness with all of us. :)

Gillian Greding

Loving your Shabby tips! I love how someone above called you the FURNITURE WHISPERER! lol


ok i neeeeeed these brushes.. your last few days of post have had the coolest lil brushes and swirls... where can I get them..? ( i am assuming you will not be so cruel as to say these little flourishes are out of my reach!)

cute shabby products and tips too!


lovin' the tips girl!

okay, love the roses!!!!!!


I've never been to your blog before, but I just wanted to comment that so far; I think it is the best blog I have ever seen, You are a true talent and inspiration. I feel a zest fro life and art jump off this blog. It's too cool.


what wonderful tips! I just moved into my home and was wanting to re-paint the counters & was trying to figure out how to shabby up the edges like you have on a bunch of the items you've posted on your blog ... thanks for the advice ... I'm going to start on it this weekend ... this is perfect that you did this at the time that you did! THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!! :) :) :)

Gillian Greding

Okay, so I'm double posting here but I couldn't find your e-mail addy, so I thought I'd just connect with you here... hope that's okay! You left a post on my blog asking me where I got Scarlet's cowboy boots... you're gonna die, but they're just from Target and they were only... get this... $14.99! Seriously! Is that a deal or what? I love them. Thanks for visiting my blog!


Wonderful idea's of my friends who LOVED to shabby up her furniture and walls would throw tiny rocks at her furniture after she'd painted it and it dried to created that tiny chipped look on her corners...I've caught my children throwing their toys at my furniture (HORRORS!!!)to chip it...btw, my downstairs furniture is not shabby style, so chipping it is NOT AN OPTION!!! L-O-L!!! But, really, the music idea is key, definitely key! Marie :)

Betty Jo

Wonderful tips! You've got me thinking shabby more than I used to do--and that was a lot already. I especially would like to make my blog more shabby. Glad your little one is over her flu already. :0)

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