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February 20, 2006


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You sweet thing! Thanks for my Shabby love & now I'm ready to conquer the rest of her furniture :)

Gillian Greding

This is BEYOND eye candy!!! I could stare at these pics for hours! We live in So. California too and I'd LOVE to visit that store. Do you mind posting where it is? It looks DIVINE!


WOW - I'll be back here just to visit and drool over these FAB things - it is sooo a good thing I am NOWHERE near you - I would so be BANKRUPT!! DH husband and I collect antiques and are restoring our 125 yr. old house, so you can see where we would be in mega trouble!! lol! Oh, but I sure do LOVE E-Bay!! HeeHee!!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Ok, if I were rich, I would fly you home and pay you to decorate my girls' bedrooms! You have the most beautiful taste! And then (since in this dream, I'm rich) I would fly your hubby home too and ask him to make my kids these special grilled cheese sandwiches! But since I'm not rich, maybe you can convince your hubby to share a favorite recipe with us ; )

Betty Jo

WOW! I just discovered your blog; followed your link from the Shabby Shoppe forum. I adore it here!! Your photos and journaling are incredible and I can't wait to see what you do next. Soooooooo . . . I'm linking to your blog as soon as I finish typing this . . . hope that is ok!! :0)


OOOOOO my shabby friend- my eyes just seriously LIT UP when I read your DH was a gourmet chef. I soooo would die to have someone cook for me like that.



I'm new to your blog. I have so many questions . . . but can't seem to find your e-mail address. Where does a girl go to contact you?

Specifically, I'd love to know the names of the fonts your using -- like for your Happy Valentine's Day graphic.

Any help you can throw my way?


Jenn, I really need you when I go shopping! Ohhh what a great finds! Glad you had fun!

Jereen Swan

I Love your website!

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