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February 24, 2006


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LOL! Next time you need a new man scent, try Abercrombie & Fitch's Original for men... yummmm... nuthin' sexier! Great new finds Jen! And lovely page!

Gina H

I have been watching for the verdict on the cologne to save me some dh is due for a new smell I will go sniffy that out this weekend;) P.S. Darling sign!

Gina H

I mean sniffing...really need to read before I send.

Kim (OliveJuice)

Oooooooh! YUM is right! LOVE Mr. Ezra Fitch! And a big old hug for that link to spectrum.....we are building a house right now and I am trying to talk dh into letting me put chadeliers in nearly every room. OK, I'll just settle for the master bed and bath, dd's bedroom, living, dining, and 3 over the island in the kitchen. :) Not EVERY room, sheesh! Thanks bunches miss beam!

Gillian Greding

Okay, I just have to say that my daughter, Scarlet, has the first chandelier in her bedroom (I mean it's identical)... I LOVE it! You have GREAT taste! :) hee hee


Evil woman you are, lmao!! Hey - Kmart has this new line of children's furniture (in the infant section at my store) and there is this white shabby bedroom set for little girls that is adorable! Made me think of you!


Ack it is so bad for me to visit your blog. Makes me wanna go shopping! I actually almost bought that middle chandelier awhile back for my daughter's room - we were gonna go shabby in there. Well we went practical with a ceiling fan - have to with the heat we experience in the summers, but it was a tough decision. We got one that's pastel rainbow and looks like a flower and then I bought chandelier pendants and hung them from the lighting fixture for a little extra girlish sparkle lol. Good thing because since then she has decided she wants a neopets room (sigh) so um the remake is on hold until she's older roflol. I love your little sign - it makes me want to be Shabby Miss Di hehehehehe.


I love the chandeliers and that adorable name sign your friend made! Extra talented girl! :)

The font on the long side of the chandaliers... is adorable... what is it?!? I adore the look of it and would love to find/buy it online!~


Ooooh, Jenn, love the pics and the title "shabby goodies!" So YUM! I think I may go out and do some smelling myself for the hubby--it's time again too!
Thanks for the links-- you've been extremely helpful to me for planning the decor in our next house! Also, that sign is to die for! HUGE HUGS!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

My hubby wears Ezra Fitch! Yum! He switches off between that and Blvgari Black. Love your new sign! That is so cute!!


WOWZA! You are the QUEEN shabby miss Jenn!!!

Love the sign


Good tips! I really hope I have a little girl...then shabbiness here I come!


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