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February 23, 2006


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Hmm, how about CKOne, that's nice!! That's usually what DH wears, but I just bought DH for Valentine's day some new cologne - the new one that Matthew McConaughey promotes - LOL! I cant even remember - Stetson Black - it is really nice, and not too expensive!! Just needed a change!! I could be literally HOURS in the perfume and cologne section - just way too many to choose from - and they all smell nice!!

LOVE this page Jenn - just FABULOUS in every way!!


Love the page Jenn and that shabby shop in the previous post looks AMAZING. How lucky you are to have a shabby shop AND a scrapbook shop all combined in one. I'm almost wondering if you didn't move to that town just to be able to shop at this store. LOL

And I totally would check out the Matthew McConaughey cologne. Haven't smelled it myself but have you SEEN the commercial?! LOL

Gillian Greding

Gorgeous layout! I love all the COOLWATER scents... sexy!


Hi. Coming out of lurkdom here. Love the layout. Try Blue by Dunhill...gorgeous, clean and sexy smell.

ellen prinsen

What a wonderful layout. I just love the shabby style. Here in the Netherlands it feels like i'am the only one who loves shabby :-)). I visit your blog almost everyday.
By the way my DH has ROMA for men and it smells great.


Allure - Chanel for Men is quite nice - musky and crisp at the same time. Powerful - but not over powering - if know what I mean? ;)



ok you pulled me out of lurkdom too! obsession by ck is not new, but has a timeless scent and makes my knees wobble whenever my man wears it...ahhhhh, love that stuff!
another wonderful layout miss j!!


Jenn - Echo or Diesel (not sure which Diesel, it has a green surround). Love that kit and love your LO. Gorgeous.


My DH smells so yummy these days. I think it's called Nautica. The blurb on the ad says "watery florals and tones of aromatic woods." :-)


Oh man, you meant an ELECTRIC sander-LOL!! (Just was reading further down on the bloggie where the "J" is--love it BTW) HA--sooo thought it was a sanding block--good thing DH is a power tool junkie:) Love the page SB page--tooo cute:) 'bout CK Eternity?


Fab layout jenn!!! My recommendation is definatly Ralph Lauren -- Romance. Scott has a little variety back assortment of stuff and i can always tell when he puts on that one :) My Fav!!!

Debbie Pearson

I have to agree with Joy and vote for Obsession. Of course when hubby wears it, I could just live with my nose in his chest hairs and never come out for air, so beware before letting your man wear this yummy fragrance....make sure kids are down for the night ;)

Jennifer Pebbles

Hey you!:)
I had to put in a suggestion for the smelly hubs wears Lacoste for men, and it is nice! Especially when they get the matching deodorant!
love the blog and pics!

Missy Campbell

Jenn, I love this page it so cute. My favorite scent right now is the new Polo Black. I got my DH a bottle of it for Valentine's and he loves it.

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