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March 09, 2006


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**shabby hugs** Miss Jenn. Sorry you're having a hard time. I haven't lost any friends who were dear to me, so I can't say that I know exactly what you're going through. Sounds like it's time for some scrap therapy. It always helps me.

Love your LO anyways Miss Jenn. You couldn't do a bad LO if you tried.


anna aspnes

yiiiiikkkkkkes! mojo please come back :)


Dear Jenn,

So sorry to hear about your friend - but you are right about her being in a better place. Thank God for that assurance - it's what gets me through the days when I miss my brother sooooo badly.

You have not lost your mojo - it's alive and well! If that is a bad layout then I am a monkey's uncle! Please, I WISH I could scrap that bad!

Big hugs to the sweetest girl on the internet! :0)



sorry for your loss. i trust she is in a more shabbilicious place. :)

lost mojo...nevvah! the layout of chayce is just precious, and i'm loving josh's artwork. apparently creativity runs in the family? :)


So sorry to hear of your's hard to lose someone close to you. It can be a crushing pain in your heart but over time that will recede into a more nostalgic feeling for your friend. As far as your creative is still there...just take the pressure off yourself and it will flow. Your layout with your soon-to-be toofless honey is more than precious. Write a note to your departed friend and add to it when you think you need to. It will help. Marie :)


My mojo is somewhere far, far away too. Hope it comes back soon!


What a great video and song. Loving the layout and Joshie's art work! Such yummy Shabby items that would look super fabulous as ME as the owner--LOL!
Jenn, on a serious note, if I could make anything and everything better for you, I would do it in a heartbeat! I'm sorry for your loss. Blessings and Hugs-- J


So so sorry about your friend. Now where do you get off thinkin' you've lost your MOJO girl?? - NEVER - I would like just a tad of your creativity!! Hoping your sorrow eases soon! Take good care!


Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Life isn't fair and sometimes things happen that we just have a hard time dealing with. I hope you are feeling better soon and back to your bubbly self. Now onto that lost mojo of yours which I'm sure isn't really lost, it's probably hiding in a shabby drawer somewhere :) You're the queen of crankin' out fab layouts!


((((((Big, BIG HUGS))))))


I am very sorry to hear about your dear friend. No words can help I know. You are most certainly in my thoughts and prayers to feel better though. I pray the Lord gives you peace.
On another note, I love the sweet layout of your DD! The one full color picture is great contrasted with the others:) And you've gotta just love that drawing! Hugsies!!!


Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

When you put it that way, that one of your best friends is dancing in heaven, it's hard to respond with "I'm so sorry." Let's just say that I am rejoicing for what your friend is now experiencing and praying for comfort for you for what you are experiencing. It just reminds me how much I look forward to the great reunion we'll have in heaven.

By the way, I saw Delirious in concert! They were in town the day after I got married. Erick and I didn't want to miss the concert so we went ahead and bought the tickets and then we told all of our family and out-of-town guests that we were "indisposed" the next day. LOL! They probably all thought we were honeymooning when really we were at the concert! It was phenomenal though. It rocked and was worshipful all at the same time.

Lisa aka momy4him

oh jenn, cyber hugs from me hon!!!! you will see your friend again you know, and so until then, what a comforting thing to know she is seeing Jesus!!! wow!

for someone who has lost her mojo you sure do churn out the most delicious layouts!! and your kids are so darn cute, they must bring on oodles of inspiration!

i just love your taste in all things shabby! makes me aspire to want to buy, and be shabby too!!!



I'm so sorry about your friend, Jenn! I hope you feel better soon!


Jenn, sorry to hear about your loss! Hugs my friend!


Jenn, you have such a wonderful outlook and it's good you know that your friend is in a wonderful place, even though it really sucks for everyone left behind...

And the cast iron bed is next on my list for miss Delaney's shabbarific haven.


I am so very sorry about your friend Jenn. You are just a ray of sunshine with that attitude. The losing of the mojo doesn't show in the slightest. What a precious rainbow treasure by Josh. I hope you had a great Mother's Day despite the pain of loss.

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