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March 19, 2006


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Miss Jenn,
This stuff is FABULOUS! I am drooling here. I got giddy with excitement just like when I am shopping myslef, just couldn't hold my excitement to see what was around the next corner... Thanks for sharing...


wow, wow, wow! next time, pick me up first! ;)


Oh my goodness! Where are you!!! I love every item---how fun! You have super great taste, girl! Glad you're having fun!!


Wow- that's a LOT of BEAUTIFUL shabbiness going on!! You must have been in heaven!! Would have loved to see it in person- it all looks like so much fun! :)


I've neglected your blog this week. I love all the shabby beautiful schtuff. The baby clothes are sooo super sweet.



Love it, love it, love it. That's my kind of vacation too.
Enjoy...... we enjoy with you.

Dianne much shabby goodness. It soothes my shabby shabby soul. :-)


OK i am really going to have to insist. I need one of those cabinets.. please confirm delivery! grins... come on.... it is only fair .. you could buy alllll that other yummy shabby stuff... a pink lemonade cooler... laughs.. that is SO you!


Love that Shabby stuff!!!
I think of you when ever I see shabby stuff!!!


Everything is soooooooo yummy! REALLY love that chandelier dripping with teardrop crystals. Are some of those pink, or am I just seeing things?!!

Gillian Greding

Such GORGEOUS eye candy! Drool! My favorite was the ice water jug. I WANT that!


So, somehow, even though all this is not me style, you make me want to go out and buy it. It all looks so prety and, dare I say, shabby! :) I also love how you use the word shabby to describe everything. :) Even sleep!! :)


I love EVERYTHING girl! I mostly love the Petuniapicklebottom diaper bag. I am addicted to purses or diaper bags, and let me tell you, that is the favorite bag I will never have. I think it was $150?? I don't remember, but I am pretty sure I would be in 'the dog house' if I bought a diaper bag that was that much. lol!! :) Ahh...oh well, I guess I'll have to live without it. :)


Wow Jenn, you certainly found some great shabby goodies here. Glad to hear that you had a great holiday and were able to find some treasures. Those cabinets you found are simply gorgeous and that pink teapot is deeeeeeevine! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Megan


Oooh, what fun stuff!!! Lovin' the pillows and fabrics. Yum! This is all one store??? WOW!!!


Hi! Just discovered your it.
I am a shabbyaholic also so I am always looking
for all things shabby. I especially love to check
out shabby shops when I travel. Where is this shop
located? I live in Ohio but manage shabby shopping
expeditions when I can. I had the opportunity to
actually meet Rachel Ashwell at the Country Homes
event in Central Park last fall. It was awesome to
meet her, I was actually star struck! I didn't know
what to say to her. She was lovely, autographed my
book and allowed photos to be taken. It was so exciting.
Please share the name of the store and where
it's located! Thanks! Dodie


What a cute page!!!! Thanks Jen,just checked out the rest of your blog i'll be back!!!

Dodie,i think i know you ? Been shopping in Aus lately? : )

have a great day from down under!!!

Lesley : )


Lesley, you are so right! You are one of my
favorites on eBay. How nice of Shabby Miss Jen
to share you on her blog...if I had not known about
you after reading Jen's blog I would have found you.

Shabby Miss your blog. When it comes to
shabby you are my kind of girl! Not in to scrapping...
but you are doing some awesome things so I might
have to look into.


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