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March 16, 2006


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Shabby finds indeed! Sooooooooo shabbilicious!
Sooooo....I have a HUGE favor! I think I am finally getting brave enough to paint some furniture? Any tips? Do you know of any good books about it? Thanks darlin'! Toodle-oooooo!


oooh, you scored BIG! don't you just love's ready made shabby. hehe. how cute is that pic? is that josh or matthew? i only ask 'cuz the bear is soo big, it makes your son look tiny! gosh, i wish they made adult-sized bear body pillows. :)


well, i was sorta wondering where you were! I LOVE THE CABINETS!!


I want those cabinets... its just not fair.. stomps her foot.. come on.. at least send over the one with the black door.., pretty please?
So pleased you have had fun!


grins as she reads Cat's post.. they do... they are called husbands!


Look at those finds Jen!!! Those cabinets are amazing. I am sure your house is full and you have no room for them, so in that case I will be glad to buy one off of ya! LOL!


Totally LOVE your "finds"!! And that picture is too CUTE!!


Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves thoroughly! Enjoy, enjoy! what a precious photo of you lovey all tucked into the sweet! Marie :)


LOVE that small cream and green cabinet, Jenn - yummm!


I hope you are enjoying the snow!! I came to share my excitement that the sun is shining and find you all bundled up and away, LOL! Love your shabby finds.


wishin we had some snow still. looks like the kiddies are lovin it. great finds, also. love the corner cabinet :)


Oh, Shabby thing, you! I'm so glad you guys got to get to some snow and some rest! Love those great shabby finds---yum! fun! Hope you're doing well! The hubby and I are in Spokane, WA until Tues--- So, I'll be on the net on occasion, checking on everyone, but unable to scrap! Can't wait ot see those scrap pages!! Smooches!

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