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March 30, 2006


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Oh my Lil' Miss Shabbs, you have just made my morning! I can always count on you for some yummy treasures! I can tell you for a FACT that I'm going to jump right on Kristie's kit at ACOT, Rhonna's greeting cards at her Cafe Press store, and those to die for oilcloth lunch totes! I left you a comment on SP about this layout! Love it to pieces---little C is growing way too fast! What a treat it is to see your layouts! Hope you have the happiest of days today!

jenn v

**delurking, finally** Really, you don't post often Your layouts are inspiring and I'm loving the shopping. I have a couple oilcloth tablecloths, but I hadn't been able to find any "fun" ones - so THANK YOU for putting that out there. I agree with the ipod and exercise - couldn't do it without my Audible subscription and my pink mini ipod!! One last thing.....sweet Matthew is right - that snow white thing is SCARY.

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