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April 22, 2006


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OMGosh Miss Jenn, Here I am up at this ungodly hour and somehow felt compelled to check your blog and what to my wondering eyes should appear... Bountiful!! I am in high heaven here. And I am about to cry I am SO envious you have been there. I have them on my blog as one of my favs. Wish I had known about Sue when I lived in So Cal. But what a grand surprise! And don't ya just love those missing top 2 teeth. My oldest still has the cutest gappy smile. Love it! And I am so in love with that photo of your youngest in the striped shirt and overalls- that is THE CUTEST thing I have ever seen. Beautiful shabby baby!


Oh CUTE are those t-ball pix??? She jsut looks so sweet and having so much fun. I love the pink stirrups...waht every girl needs. Now I want to see that pink bat!! Glad to hear that you had a wonderful weekend that made you very happy. You deserve it =)


Hi Jenn,

What a treat for my eyes on this early Sunday morning! I live vicariously through you and your wonderful sunny CA. :)

I just wanted to tell you that your warm, sweet personality always shines through - in *whatever* you do. Thanks for making me smile :0)

Happy Sunday!



I'm chanting: blue blue blue blue!!! Too gorgeous.

And Chayce is so sweet at tee-ball, gotta show us the pink bat though :)


what sweet, sweet pics of your little princess playing tee-ball. my dd and ds are on a co-ed tee-ball team and its their first year. i can't wait till their first game to watch them run around in their cute little team shirts with their cute little ball gloves. i also can't wait to sit in the stands and gleam with pride. so fun!! and those pics of your boys are just so precious. i love little boys exploring nature....always great picture taking opps. super cute layouts, jenn!!! you always bust these out and they are always so fabulous!!! hope you had a great shabby weekend!!


OH MY HEAVENS! I cannot believe there is such a beautiful place as the Bountiful Home! Just STUNNING! First of all, you are the greatest mom! I can just tell that about you! Look how happy and how much fun your kids have! They are just the most adorable! Love the T-Ball photos of C! So sweet! You're layouts are amazing-- I actually found you again on SBB to comment!! I have so many kits that I've purchased that you were telling us about and haven't scrapped in forever-- need to find my scrap-time for sure!


Look at her in her shabby glory! Love the whole tee-ball outfit! Great pics and awesome LO's!


SMJ.....Thank you for sharing your trip to Bountiful
with us. I have read about it and dreamed about going there
myself one day, and you lucky girl have been there!
I am so green with envy.
Love the photos of the t-ball team and the little guys
in the field of flowers are adorable. You should enter
your photos in a contest, you have a great eye for capturing
the moment. Dodie


Miss Jenn, even your blog is a beautiful work of art! I adore the Tee-ball pics! So precious. I too have been loving this California spring weather. Finally!

I'm off to check out Gina's new schtuff!


Jenn, those LOs are YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!!!! *love 'em* :)

Awesome shots taken while strolling thru your shabby heaven...and I really could just swoop in and give Chayce tons of shabby hugs and kisses --- could she be any cuter than she is in that Bees uniform!? I think not! LOL

PS - I still have no idea how old Charo is! LOL Could she be in or near her 60's???? LOL


Shabbalishes.... Love your new pictures of the shabby kids!!!


Jenn, just had to stop by and say thanks for sharing the link to Bountiful Home OMG I spent waaay to much time here wandering through the site having a look at all those treasures. Wish I had a store like that here. Love the photos of Chayce, does she ever NOT look cute :)

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