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April 06, 2006


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Oh my gosh, your having a shabby one title is too cute for words. I see I need to get myself a few hours to shabby princess shop and scrap....must get up early too! lol. Thanks for sharing!


I can SO count on you for fab eye candy! Love your title! The moment I got Kristie's newsletter, I was there and bought the three new items immediately! Now, to find the time to scrap..hmmm..? So glad you guys got to the park--what sweet sweet pics of your babes! Oooh, thanks for introducing me to Shelly Kennedy's art-yum! Do you really have a twin?


Your daughter has no clue how lucky she is to have a mommy that gets her all kinds of cute shabby pink stuff! So girly - I love it all! Great pictures too! Love how you do your whole blog - it rocks girl! GOod luck getting up early!


i love that tara! your entry title is sooo cool! love the lithograph, too. have a great day!


I have to say this is my fav palce to visit. I just want to eat it! Hubby just laughs at my oohs and ahhs as I scan it daily. I came across your pages through scrapbooking but I am a shabby at heart for anything. I just can't look at enough of it. Thanks for the headup on the Australian link.
Keep up the great sharing...pretty please with roses on top.


Looks like you had fun at the park!!!
I love all of your inspiration and creative LO's and crafts!!! Love your blog.


Oh so shabbylicious.... Love the lamps, the CHAYCE art.. and I had to smile at that photo of the lil guy running ont he path. I have a similar one of Lochie...
Ahhh the freedom of childhood....


Miss Jenn! I don't do much "bloggin"...yet. But I find that I absolutely HAVE to see your little "goodies" everyday! I was curious where you live in Cali? We just visited relatives in Santa Clarita, and took the kids to the fabulous parks they have...your pics look very familiar...
Any advice on slowly convincing your Modern-style husband that Shabby is a MUCH better stlye for a home!!????!!???

Becky (Daisyduster)

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