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April 14, 2006


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Ohmigosh Jenn - love your builder! lol I'm thinkin' cream with white doors...only because you can always change the colors of the items you display within. That way you can get a whole new look without having to paint. I can just see it filled with pale pink pottery, etc. How gorgeous! Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be lovely. :)

Happy Easter to you and your 'lil bunnies!



First of all--- how precious are those pics and the layout! You're kids are just dreamy as can be! Love how focused they look painting their Easter eggs!
OK, I'm thinking all pink like the color of your vanity or white with pink doors?? Just use your paint technique #45. Kidding!, don't even know what that is. I just remember that you have a ton! LOL! I'm sure that no matter what you pick, it will be amazing! Happy Easter to you and yours!


I vote Robin's Egg Blue! Or Chocolate!


Oooos and Ahhhhs. Can you get more than one? Can I get one? LOL If it was me I'd probably get cream/white... Yummy... but I think you are more a pink or white/pink kinda gal. OH I am loving your office makeover... you know I am on that track now too... Mr Shabby did a great job with those cumbersome cords.

Jenny Evenson @ jennypennyandco(ebay)

Hi Shabby Miss Jenn,
I've honestly NEVER replied to a blog, nor do I have one, but shabbyhappy got me going on yours and I AM SO ADDICTED. You inspire the world, do you realize this?? I adore your work and find such GREAT JOY in seeing the world through your gorgeous pink eyes :o)!! Well, have you ever heard of the JUNK MARKET here in Minnesota? They had a small tiny section a couple years ago in Target, plus they have been in mags and on hgtv and such. Anyway, I went to one of their sales, not much compared to the flea markets you get treated to out in CA, but it really made me realize JUNK truly was an addiction, and I wasn't the only one buying into this sort of treasure! Anyway, my favorite little room they did was of all things pale pink and ivory. The walls were the palest of pink and then instead of your typical white wrought iron, furniture all shabbied up, they painted everything ivory and I tell you what, it was STUNNING! It reminds me a little of that last line Target had with the Rachel Ashwell that had the ivory, pink and tan stripe, so cute. Anyway, if I could get my hands on that piece, I'd go with your pink that we all adore and then an ivory (very cream, not pale) color on the doors. Anything white or ivory you put on it stands out so incredibly. I had to go with this in my bedroom and I've never regretted it! Hope this helps you to see other ideas. Sometimes it is hard to picture until you see it in person and it is so GORGEOUS! Thanks again for all you offer the rest of us shabby lovers. The world needs more shabby jenn's like have no clue what you are doing for those of us who typically keep silent back here on internetland. I am so thankful Jennifer told me you are a fellow believer of Jesus, may God richly bless you and your gorgeous children...actually, I know HE already has! I love you to pieces! So does HE! You are in my prayers~
Your sister-in-Christ,
Jenny @ jennypennyandco(ebay)


OOOhs & AAAhs over the Hutch! I vote white with sage doors! Yummy! And BTW~ Also a Supercick fan here! Fun Rockable tunes with a beautiful message!


Oh gosh this is so hard - my favorite shabby is white - I know that's boring. I love the pink too and even the sage, but do you know my secret favorite? robins egg blue! Or maybe do the blue underneath and white on top with a crackle or distress finish. Wow would that look hot. Or maybe do a two-tone - pink and white or one of those other colors and white - maybe paint the inside cabinets different than the outter cabinets. I can't wait to see what you decide. :-)


Aw man...Miss Pebbles snagged my suggestion right off my glossed-up lips. I'm all for the "robin's egg blue"! It's my signature color lately. LOVE that hutch!!! Seriously TDF. And your babes are truly just the smooshiest. Look at their adorable concentration faces creating their little egg masterpieces. ADORABLE! BTW...just had to tell you that YOU are the one responsible for getting me hooked on this digi-scrapping frenzy. :) Can't even remember how I found digi in the first place, but I do know that in the beginning all I could do was try to emulate all your super cute pages. You are the scrap-idol! Happy Easter SMJ!


Love the hutch... i just got a magazine with several page spread on doing up older cabinets and hutches.. I will scan and send you some pics :) Give me a few hours to get everyone fed and the lil one to bed?

Hope you are having a fabulous easter...


look at those cuties painting away. how fun!! i guess i was a stingy mommy this year cuz we didn't do any egg decorating. love your scrappin area. very shabby and adorable!! happy easter!


OhmiGOSH! How fine is that piece. You are so lucky to have someone that can make you pieces like that...My vote would be robin's egg blue! Thats my fav. color at the moment, hehe. Ok I hope to see after pics, lol, ttyl,


anna aspnes

I like off white with pink doors :) Can't wait to see when you're done. :) Anna

Michelle aka PlumTuckered

Ohhhhhhh I'd go white with Sage doors :-)
The cabinet looks so yummy!!


I want a personal builder!!! LOL
My first thought was...Champagne with the darker taupe/brown antique edges...but also LOVE the idea of the Robin's Egg blue.
I think you'll have to just have another one (or two) built to try out all these beautiful ideas!


Never made it to the hutch....must have white chipboard letters though, lol. Do tell where you scored them!


Well concerning the cabinet I would ask myself~ WWRD? What would Rachel do?? Ashwell that is. I am imagining the inside with a wonderful faded rose fabric which shows thru the glass! I know you won't forget to show us the end result!! Can't wait!!


Yes! I forgot to ask about those beautiful chipboard letters too! I haven't seen those tell???



Oh Jen, you make me feel so guilty every time I see your sweet babies using ASL. My hubby is a certified ASL interpreter and we have been bad about teaching our kids...must do better. My account at SBB is having login in issues, but just wanted to say you have been putting out AMAZING pages lately. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

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