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April 02, 2006


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Wowsa! This post is PACKED with eye candy! Love, love your layouts in DMM! Soooooo completely awesome! As is the super fun kit that comes with it. And I must get my grubby mits on Ronna's stuff. Too FAB!!!


Aww Thanks Miss Jenn, you are such a sweetie. Isn't that site great, you can get lost visiting all the fun sites! And I am SO all over those Michelle Underwood kits. I just found them last week and bought Awesome Color and Wonder Boy one day, then the next day went back and got She and Got Game. They are SO GREAT for all these boys photos I have. LOL


Got this, got that, and mmm, got that too! So funny that you posted these kits because I just got Kristie's kit right when it came out and while doing so, discovered Michelle Underwoods kits too--- except I wasn't able to hold back like you did! LOL! Not good, huh! I have ZERO self control when it comes to kits! LOL! Totally PRECIOUS layouts! OK-- ya think the hubby will notice if I bop over to Ronna's and get that other kit that I don't have yet? LOL! SURE HE WILL! Oh, well! HUGS!

Michelle Underwood

I have made it...I have made it onto your blog!!! lol! I nearly died when I saw that you liked my kits...what a compliment!!! ;) **HUGS** Yay! That totally made my day! ;)


Ok, so many months ago I ran across someone very shabby and their site was full of delicious photos - so inspiring for a scrapper! I couldn't remember who it was and what site it was! Then after reading Gina Miller's blog, I knew it had to be you! Sure enough...I come and I find! Your site is so pleasing to the eye...I can't get enough! I will be a frequent visitor from here on out!


Man girl... you make me want to flood my paypal account with transactions. LOL... soooo much good stuff! Love your layout with Ronna's kit -- just might have to breakdown and buy that one. Take care!


Thanks so much for the freebie heads up and I too love all these kits that you showcased on here! Michelle's work is so fun and I have been totally in love with Sweet Mindy's new stuff!


I am SO over my budget this month! I am going to have to stop visiting your blog if you are going to keep featuring such wonderful stuff! And great layouts to boot! Enabler!


Ok, I seriously can not buy anything else, but you make it so hard when you point out these lovely kits and designers, lol. LOVE IT!!!

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