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April 28, 2006


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OK just need to crawl into bed right now and stay there until tomorrow morning! I am exhausted just reading this last entry! LOL

I need your help on a very old piece of furniture I have been haning onto for like 7 years now....the drawers are officially gone (long story) and so I was thinking of just using a shabby fabric to cover the drawer opening and altering the interior where the drawers would go....this piece is the *lovliest ugliest* green...I must send you a pic for suggestions. ;)



tell me that's not your bed, seriously...
you enabler, you. i was avoiding gina's site just because i knew i'd totally want to buy those snippets...ah, yes, now i'm a proud owner of 'em... i'll take a look at the comments thing on my blog - maybe it's doing that because of the book link? who knows... weird.


Ditto Amy, I just had to confirm that is not in fact your real bed! Adorable pages!!


Awesome LO's girl!!! Love the new stuff from Gina! I do so hope that you get to sleep in tomorrow morning. We are in for an overnighter of scrappbooking tomorrow - they are so good - aren't they?!


hi smj-
love your blog!!! i just made cute, shabby, flowery flip flops for me and my DD and my darn flowers keep fallin off. what kind of glue did you use? i have already hot glued them back on twice. :( i want to wear them out in public and not have my little flowers pop off. i hope you have some tips!

mel :)


Okay, three things...that had better NOT be your real bedroom, because I'll just scream with envy - it's gorgeous!!! Two, Josh's hair looks SOOOO cute in that pic and Three, I hear ya on the exercise-I gained 5 pounds in the last few months. Bleh!

Cynthia Michener

Hey.... Love the "bed" letter... where did you get that? did you design that? oh... i wish i could be in that bed and dream onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

Shabby Miss Jenn

Sooo sorry everyone! Forgot to credit the fabulous Miss Mint for her incredible Vellum alpha. My FAVORITE!!!!!!


Just like everyone else.. is that your bed?

OK... mental note.. do not post pictures of bedroom anywhere that jenn might see them.. ughh

Are you making the cake? last year I emailed an image and had it printed on rice paper (i think it was rice paper?) and they printed it.. so cute.. I just imagine your designs.. super cool

As for mothers day...mmmm I am scanning old negatives and slides for my mother, they are all 50 - 60 years old.. and she was so keen to see them. I figured I will print and pack into an album. Maybe a big storyboard.. and I did the Shabby Princess album for my sister.


Do not tell me that is a real pic of your bedroom!!!! Seriously...what is it gonna cost me to have you fly out here?!?! :)
Let's see...mothers day....I'm attempting to make mom one of those charm bracelets with pics of all her grand-babes. She's the best "grammy J" in the whole entire world. I know that she will love anything I give her because she is just so super sweet like that. Aren't moms just the BEST?!?!


thanks for the links to gina's new stuff. i love it how you always no whats up and make it easy for me to find stuff LOL. you are such a sweetie :) super cute layouts as always and happy b-day to your ds!!! 2 is so fun!! {{{HUGS}}}


You are one amazing chickie! Love what you've done here with that YUM Shabby bed and those Stunningly Gorgeous layouts! Once again, you've lead me to more buying! Had to get those Snippits (did I call them by the correct name)--anyway, got all of them! I may even have to do a lift of your layout--just amazing girl! BEAR HUGS!

mary ann

Love your layouts. I hopped right over to gina'a sight and bought the chenile snippets!!!
Did you buy the acrylic letters in your shabby bedroom layout from Gina? I looked and looked and couldn't find it.
Thank you and look foward to more beautiful layouts!!!
Mary Ann


Just spectacular. Wouldn't it be nice to have that bedroom? I'd be crawling back into bed ALL DAY!
I love your layouts, and I must stop back in to check out your blog, more often!


Ok, that really can not be your house! That room is gorgeous!

Love your blog.


Clearly I'm even further behind on READING blogs than I was on posting to my own. LOL You crack me up. Now if only I could follow some of my own advice I'd actually be able to sleep better like you talk about. Never a problem leaving food on my plate but haven't done the pilates in ages. Gotta get back into that. Have been going for walks with my mom and sisters though. Getting out doors this time of year does sorta beat pilates on the living room floor. :) And is THAT your BED?!?! Holy WOW! Tell me that's from a magazine. Love the ribbon you posted it with too. Promise not to be a stranger this long again! :)


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