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May 22, 2006


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See-this is why I always check your shabby blog! Even when you "vent" you are so sweet and uplifting!! Don't you love husbands who buy you new stuff when old stuff gets broken even when it's most likely your fault (yes, speaking from experience here...)?


Oh man! That is super bad luck. But at least you SCORED with the new printer. Wooo-hooo! :) And how exciting is Gina's CT call. So very cool!!! Hope you are having a great week!

( changed my bloggie url. it's now incase you want to find me. LOL)


So nice you got to get a nice new printer. Isn't it great how inexpensive they are now and such better quality every day. Now if they could just get the ink prices down aLOT. LOL I got the email from Gina about her contest. I would love to be able to do that someday. And her doodels are great. I hope she offers some of them up soon!! She has been cranking out some great stuff lately and I have been in shopping heaven!


That was venting??? WOW - you are a great venter! Glad you got your brakes fixed and a new printer! I bet that was totally awkward to see the X. I have not seen mine in years and I know it would be wierd b/c we totally live different lives now! I too am so blessed to be where I am in life


Oh I hear you about wrecking things...Caleb is a dare-devil house wrecker and I'd get mad at himif he just wasn't so stinkin' cute! Those little charmers we have! Alaina broke my camera last year (but secretly I didn't mind because I got to get a new one =) So, if you need anymore new stuff, just leave it out and I am sure Matthew can help you out! =) Happy day... Oh, wait, had to comment on the ex boyfriend thing. I've replayed tha scenario in my head hundreds of times since I've been married. I have NO idea what I'd awkward. Glad you have your hunk!


Thanks for the heads up - I LOVE Gina's stuff so I am going to give it a try!


woo hoo!! gina's ct call sounds so much fun :) sweet printer, too by the way.


ohhh kewl printer!

Lisa Dozier

Very nice printer! Love the medicine cabinets too! So glad to see others that love the shabby look also- not so popular in my neck of the woods! My DH and DS brought in a "distressed coffee table " and said they could not believe I bought such junk! hmm- I love it!!!!! LOL - anyway- in your post "Amazing Friends" from october 2005 - love the rose swag & wish I had a real one to put on my walls. Is it from any digital kit out there? wish - Thanks a bunch- Lisa

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