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May 08, 2006


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Looks like a great place to spend the day!
You're lucky you're kids will stay in the stroller...I'm impressed!
I live in Dallas we have a big flee market here know as Canton 1st Monday trade days. I think you would like it.
Enjoy your blog.

Jessica Hood

Is there a chat transcript anywhere?


OMG!! I want that iron chaise!! It is probably a good thing that we do not have anything this yummy near me! I would have all my shabby things living under a bridge somewhere! That looks like so much fun!


Oh. My. Goodness. You simply MUST stop BLOGGING immediately! I insist! This is too much for me I can't handle it. All that shabby stuff IN ONE PLACE and YOU WERE THERE?!?!

sigh......can't wait to see next week's ebay! Hahahahahahaha.


Oh I want some of those green metal rockers.... I have benn looking here in IDAHO, with no luck....

LOVE all of you SHABBY pictures!

Michelle aka PlumTuckered

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh holy yumminess!! I wish we had fleamarkets like this down here in boonieland! I've got a bedroom that has no furniture in it and that shabbalicious white bedroom set would be perfect!
By the way........what's the link to your ebay??!! ;-)
aka PlumTuckered


LOVE the pics Jenn - thanks for sharing! I absolutely LOVE the green lounger with shabby roses cushions. To die for! :0)

Cynthia Michener

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! so beautiful stuff!! i want all!!!!!!!!! wow!


Yes, I stumbled upon this blog last week and now anxiously await the new entries. I am SO jealous that I couldn't come along to this shabbhy flea with you. Please do share your ebay info. I will be one of your
bestest shabbiest customers!

Jen Harr

I am in eye-candy-heaven! LOVE these! And, ahhh, you're little sweeties are just precious! Looks like you had quite a caravan going there! LOL! Your title is also amazing--just love how you do them! Thanks for the sweet move encouragement lately! Smooches!


Look at you just posting the shabby fabulous pics - wow!!! That must take you forever! What a super blogger you are! Glad to see you had fun at the market!


What is that awesome font, anyway?!?!?


OMG!!!! I would give my right arm for one of those FABULOUS purses! To...Die...FOR!!!! Ok...that was DRAMATIC and then some, but you get my point. Looks like you had a blast! And thanks for posting all those shabby pics so us low lifes who don't have flea markets can drool! :) Love it!


Wow Jenn, thats a whole lot of shabby stuff! Thank you so much for sharing those pictures, even if it does make me jealous that we don't have anything like that here. So glad you had a great day and your friend Juls makes some cool signs. I really loved that bedroom suite!


oh look at all that fun stuff! thanks for the inspiration.. need to go check out some places to see if I can get my porch decorated all fun... :)


WOW!!! Those purses are AMAZING!!!!! And I LOVE, LOVE that French! I would have been totally overwhelmed there, lol. Great pics, looks like you all had a lovely time=)


OMG I think I may faint.. these pictures are so yummy and delicious! I have flea marketing in my veins now that spring is here. CANNOT wait to hit some myself. Thanks so mcuh for sharing your beautiful photos!

Lily Bleu

I am terribly jealous! I want a great flea market like this with such fun and shabby items here in St. Louis!

I want all of those wooden word plaques!


OMG look at all this stuff, I am jelly, jelly, jelly! I'm going to be back to drool. What a cool day that was.


Miss Jenn, Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You know I had to come visit and see what you're up to and I found this post about the Flea Market on the Bay. All I can say is OMG! I live in the Midwest and we have nothing as gorgeous as this. It is absolutely amazing. Do you suppose I can come with you next time? LOL
Looking thru your blog I am in awe of your talent. Wow! And aren't you the same Shabbymissjenn on Ebay? If so you are a classic overachiever and I want to hang out with you!
Thanks for ALL of this.....just beautiful!

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