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May 04, 2006


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YES! I have a twin! It's Laurie at SBB - we are the same age just about, and have kids the same ages almost, and we both homeschool and gosh I know there are several other things escaping me right now but it's so funny! And she's so nice, so by default aren't I then too? If we are twinsies? :-D

I want to flea market with you! I wish I could transport myself - ooh what a fun thing that would be! And I want to flea market chic my whole house - LOVE that kit!


Jenn, I'm so envious about the flea market...have lots of fun and I hope you find lots of shabby treasures to show us later. Glad to hear that Matthew is feeling better again too.
Enjoy your weekend!


Isn't it just the coolest when you find your twin out there!? Love that! :) Glad everyone is feeling a bit betetr at your shabby crib and please, please, please, be sure your camera batteries are fully charged and the card is empty so we can se all the shabbylicious goods at the Flea Market!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great one!



i have been a bad blogger lately and didn't realize you had a sick one :( poor peanut. i am glad that he is feeling better. great layouts as usaul and a big thanks for the heads up on all the yummy goodies you find :)

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