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May 29, 2006


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What a CUTE, CUTE, CUTE picture and LO. What a fabulous 'lil family you have Jenn! I can see how happy all of you are. Keep doing what you are doing..nothing is more important than those smiles on those little faces! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! We love days like that...days we call "family days" where even the mundane thigns like running errands is sweet little memory. Smoochies!


Another great LO! What a cute family! Glad you had a great weekend and I hope this busy week goes ok for you!


Oh my word Jenna...what a beautiful family you have! You are the delicious diva of mommyhood, I tell ya. Loved the layout you did. But then again, haven't seen one I didn't like from your neck of the woods. You're too precious. How's things in your neck of the woods babycakes? What's new over there. We've just gotta get in touch soon honey. Sending hugs, Jennifer

Jen Harr

I ask myself every time I visit her "how does she do it?" Truly amazing stuff! Please send some of you brain waves to me! Lovely layout, as always! WOW! XOXO


look at that cute fam in that cute layout!! you rock girly.


how adorable! those felties are just perfect on there!

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