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May 26, 2006


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Oh, what gorgeous stuff! I just LOOOOOVE those baby sleeping signs. I think my new nephew needs one. Happy weekend!


Ogh yummy stuffs today. Thanks. You know your eye candy is almost as good as running into friends. Makes me smile. Hope you have a fabulous weekend too. We are off in the am to spend a couple relaxing nights in the mountains and just hang with the kids and my parents and granny. Fun stuff.


Oh Jenn, what a gorgeous site that is... I spent a bit of time having a good look around. Love that clock and those signs, happy weekend to you!


Oh the humanity! What shabby fun! It sounds like fun running into friends at last trip (to Target) was sort of unplanned and I was all yucky looking with shaggy hair and housecleaning clothes and so I was like Mission Impossible through the aisles so no one would see me. Look away! LOL. (PS. I have a new blog addy!)

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