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June 07, 2006


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i cried at my son's kindergarten graduation, too! Now this weekend he's graduating from high school! it goes so fast.

Amy Wathen

Oh Jenn, This is SO sweet. Love the photo. I agree it goes too fast. My baby will be in kindergarten in the fal. Wahhhh!

Dodie Leibecke

Your little graduate looks adorable in her cap
and gown. And that smile would melt anyone's heart!
Enjoy these special moments!


what a cutie pie...


TOO Cute!!! & Congrats


awwww congrats to you little shabby dd :) and way to go shabby mommy!!!


whoopsy!!! sorry jenn but its really me that posted right before this using my alias LOL!!


Cute cute graduate! Love the cap and gown! growing so fast!

Kim smooshie! Little Chaycie-cakes looks so grown up. *sniff* And I'm not even her mommy. :)

Jen Harr

Oh, Congrats to you little Miss "C"! Hooray! Such a sweet photo-- cap, gown & all! Just love it!

Amanda Rockwell

My baby just graduated too! I think I was the only sad parent in there. I teared up quite a few times. I know it's happy, but it's also sad. They only do it once! She's adorable and a big congrats to her.


WTG Chayce! Congratulations!


Ahhhh.....she is a "graduate" does this happen? LOL She looks fantastic and I sodre the little orchid lei....this LO is simple and sweet, it is shabborific!


That post should have said "I adore the little orchid..."...but we all know my typing skills are nill. ;) LOL


Such a cute page! Congratulations to the "grad" - what a little sweetie! My son graduated from preschool a couple weeks ago and I also got a little teary.

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