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June 06, 2006


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Vera Lim

Oh Jenn, those look soo yummyy... Too bad we haven't got anything like that here.... :( Love reading your blog :)

Amy Wathen

Oh, I am SO glad you posted this because I had seen Kim's blog post and wanted to get a bunch but had nearly forgotten. These look darling and perfect to stock up for gifts. Too cute- thanks for sharing. Gonna stop on my way home from Mom's today.


You girls always manage to find the best stuff in the dollar section of Target. Our store doesn't do that here, I wish they would... they are the sweetest little flip flops for Chayce too!


Hi Shabby Jen, Somehow stumbled across your site and I must say it is divine and so full of inspiration. Plus your children are so cute! You hae inspired me to try and find out how to do this digital scrapbooking. Is there a book or program for beginners you can recommend? I live in the sticks in Australia, so things are a bit limited. I was also wondering where you live and when and where that great shabby flea market is on that you posted pictures of as I am visiting the States in September and would love to go if hubby will let me. They have nothing like that here and hopefully they have some of those flip flops left as my 5 year old daughter would pop if she had them. Your daughter looks adorable in her graduation gown. We don't go in for things like that here, which is a bit of a shame as I am sure it makes the children feel very proud of their accomplishments. Hope you don't mind me popping in! Petah


Yay! Thanks for the tip about the dollar spot!! I went there last night and got the red and blue versions of the album you showed PLUS matching papers and little star buttons - the colors are perfect, because I am decorating a nursery for my first baby boy (due Aug 8) with the exact same colors :). I also picked up two of the 8x8s and another 5x7 in a Hawaiian print-couldn't resist!


Sooooo jealous Jenn. You are actually making me excited to move back to the States. All my LO's are just sitting on my computer and waiting to be printed and put in fabulous albums. Maybe I'll find some yummy deals when I get back in just 26 DAYS!!!!

CONGRATS to Chayce. You must be so, so, so proud! What a little doll!


scrapper Jenn

I LOVE those albums...they're really nice for gifts. Thanks for sharing that useful info!


You didnt get those albums for a $1 too did you.... so unfair..

Not only are towels cheaper...(LOL at Myself) but albums too.. I priced some today... $35 on sale! grrrr

Jen Harr

You're kidding me! I'll be running to Target! I just hope I'm not too late! Thanks for the tip! Wonderful!

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