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June 01, 2006


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Amy Wathen

Love those pretties SMJ. And LOL at your poll- too funny. I did it but these things are so cut and dry and I want to leave a 10 sentence explanation. LOL I do love ornate things but I think my sensibility is towards the classic, clean look so I would have a few grand ornate things. Some of that detail is amazing and now I want to go to the fleamarket- think 2 boys would allow that on their first week of summer vacation? LOL. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and find some new goodies to share with us.


Oh...delish!! Love me some floofy ornateness to POP off of my clean lines. We are picking out all the fun house stuff right now and are having such a blast. Now if only I can convince dh that a WHITE kitchen is where it's at. LOL Any tips? :)


Yummy is right! Thanks for the eye candy Miss Jenn. Beautimous!

Lisa Dozier

wow! Those would make great elements and brushes for a kit!!!!!! drool. have a great weekend- Lisa

Jen Harr

Oh YUM, you lil' Shabby thing! HOw gorgeous are these ornates! Again, YUM! Beautiful display, as well! talent, talent, talent!


OmAGosh! Love the shabby ornateness! Do you have any pics of your house to post? I LOVE looking at ME pages to see the different ideas and it would be awesome to see a few of your shabby rooms! I am in the process of adding some pics to my ME page so hopefully you will soon!


Michelle (PlumTuckered)

Wow! You're always making me drool on my keyboard LOL
Hmmmmmmm wonder how my keyboard would look painted pink?
Michelle aka PlumTuckered


Who said that? These WOULD make great brushes! Wow what a fun idea, Lisa! Shabby Miss J, you just sell me these photos okay? ROFLOL. What shabby goodness!


I added a YES, big times! Your collage of ornates is soooo cool. I just want them all!

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