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July 09, 2006


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Jen Harr

Oh, Hooray, you made it! I was wondering how you were holding up! I'll have to get your advice on how to do things in about 9 months when we finally move to Spokane! I'm so glad the kiddos got to get in the water & play!
Adorable layout! I may have to lift this one too! FUN!
Can't wait to hear how things continue to go while getting settled in there!


Moving is not fun! So glad you're getting settled in, lovely layout as always!!


Isn't moving just the worst thing to do with kids! Glad to hear that it's all over and no doubt you're in decorating mode with the new home. Beautiful layouts as always!


Boy do I relate with you. We just (well 6 mo. ago, LOL) made a really big move from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee with 4 kids, YIKES! I SO know what you are talking about! The kiddos look so happy in the pool and thats what counts. Good luck getting settled in and I hope to see pics of your new place soon! Bekah


Good luck for you and your family !

Audrey Litfin

Love this LO, man you are sooo full of talent girl!!!! Congrats on making it through the move and good luck finishing the unpacking!


HEY CHICK! I knew it was about that time...glad the move was a big success, minus the loathing process of actually packing it all up and moving it elsewhere. Ugh! I feel your pain sista! Im actually in Cali girlfriend. Can you believe that? Yep. Been here for a week..goin home to NY on Sunday. Man I miss it here. Soooo much calmer. I will call ya soon. The kids look amazing! When are you gonna post pics of your new digs? Lets catch up really soon babes. Hugs and more hugs!


some way cute kiddies there :) love the layout and congrats on making it thru the move!!

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