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July 31, 2006


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Jen Harr

Hey Shabby Sweetness! LOL! I totally hear you and the Princess about character stuff--- but, oh my goodness---is my son in love with Lightening McQueen! He would love to have this bedding! It ends up being all about what they like and seeing the joy in that! Happy Birthday C!

LeeAnn J.

My boys (12 and 14) graduated to 'teen' rooms this year. Wow, what an eye opener to discover their 'style'. Actually, it was in very good taste - brown and black and tan and the other fawn suede, black and black cherry.
Cute bed set, BTW.
I used to think, 'oh, they are gonna grow out of it so fast', but for them, those few years they get to enjoy it are usually 1/2 of their life so far, so glad you indulged ;)


isn't that the cutest!?


OH SMJ! I am so with you on this one. I am hoping to do over Lochie's room when we move - toddler to little boy. I have some ikea finds picked out but I can not bring myself to do character bedding.. for some reason he is loving CARS and I can feel myself giving in.... that and ANYTHING that might make him want to go to bed! Is allll good with me. I bet he loves it!

Lisa aka momy4him

my three year old is loving cars too!
only thing is, we cannot find many of the products that are out for it. i went into the disney store and they said that they are selling out everytime they get new stuff in. i guess the people at disney made the same mistake they did with toy story and underestimated how popular the cars movie would be. but i'll bet by christmas i'll be able to find tons!!!

jenn v

SO can relate about the character stuff - but how could you not get the CARS stuf...come on!!! Crazy me - but I only like "plain" underwear, too. I like just nice plain classic clothes. I did the whole PB trains thing for my oldest room when he moved out of the crib. Now I am going to try and put the two boys together (4 1/2 and 2 YO), so I am going to redo it again - love the trains one but seems more babyish. Just got the new PB catalog - some gorgeous new stuff. Getting the bunkbeds (weathered navy) and then going from there. Then once they are together....I get to redecorate the nursery and make it my studio room!! Yay!! Shabby pink and yellow with a cute little chandelier and a iron/white porcelain day bed. SO SO excited. Ok...blabbing...should just go do it on my own blog, right?

Happy birthday to your dd!! SEVEN!! Yikes!! Time flies.


Omigosh that is so cute! I am not really a fan of the character stuff either but I indulged for the kiddies when they were young and they LOVED it! The memories last a lifetime :o)


yes, Yes, YES! I hear exactly what you are saying about the character things. I am SOOO not in love with anything with any character/animal on it what-so-ever. I have dreams of teeny bedrooms covered in plush designer fabrics and vintage toys...BUT, when the babies LOVE them you've just GOT to give in. I mean, how can you not? :) So far we've been able to limit it to jammies and panties! LOL But I know there is a day in the near future that the little smoosheroo's are gonna be begging for all sorts of character goodies and my french baby girls room will be piled with mounds of Disney duds. I'm just holding out as long as I can. LOL Good Mommying, Jenn... letting the little guy get the Cars blankies. I'm sure he is just delighted!


Awwwww, I bet he loves his bed! I run past the bedding section in the stores for fear that Dora might take over - lol! Eventually, I'm sure it will ;)

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