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July 18, 2006


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7 happens way too fast... I have one turning 7 this year too ! Where does the time go!?
Thanks for making this guest thing so fun! :)


May your little girl stay as happy as she look now to me!! My daughter is 21 and indeed: time flies ! Beautiful LO's !!!


A Happy Birthday wish for your sweet Chayce! Hope you have many more wonderful carefree childhood years of bliss! Love love love the summer sweetness layout Jenn! Just gorgeous!!


My son turned 7 on Saturday!!! We also were at the same restaurant last week here in NY because my boys LOVE shrimp and lobster!!! They also got to "pet" the cute is that!? I've been following your blog and have been enjoying and appreciating it so much!!! I too have three all under the age of 7 and boy is it going fast...too lucky are we!


Lil Shabby Chayce turned 7, what a doll she is!! Mine are getting ready to turn 3, time does fly :D

Love your layouts, glad your getting settled in nicely:D :D


A belated Happy Birthday to Chayce!!! I am sure having so much fun on the DDE Guest team - you are a great host for us girls! I am getting so many fabulous pages done! Your LO's are beeeaauuteeeful!


Happy belated birthday to litlle Missy!!! Whoo..time does fly ds just turned 2... it seems that I was just holding him for the first time.. :)
And great pages as usual Jenn!!

Jen Harr

Happy Birthday lil' Miss C! Gorgeous layouts!! YUM! Smoochies

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