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July 24, 2006


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Becky (Daisyduster)

SMJ...Did you MAKE all these pillows????
My husband just can't understand the need for more and more pillows...but he'll just have to take my word for it! LOL


So yuuuummy!! I loooove pillows too and every kind of textile........which is not good since we live in a tiny appartment. Love the apron too. Ciao.


O the colors of that apron >So beautiful....The pillows are lovely to!!!


hate pillows - lol - love the look of them in other peoples house - not mine! Brown and aqua sound great for your leather though! That apron is to die for!


Why don't you use pink or aqua on the brown leather sofa's? Still very sophisticated yet shabby. Maybe big white or off-white matelesse pillows in the corners with shabby floral pillows in pinks and aquas. You can still have an accent chair in white with the coordinating pillows. Am I babbling?....Anyway, with three boys I work my hardest at keeping my house looking light and shabby untill one day my dreams will come true...a white sofa! LOL...Good luck!!!

Jen Harr

I too love the pink, aqua and brown together!! LOVE LOVE that apron--and can you believe Kim's talent--woa!


You are just the best at putting together this inspiration. Even a blog post about pillows is inspiring. Just too talented...yes you are!
Isn't that apron the cuuuuutest!! I saw it online too and fell in love. You'll have to show some pics of yourself wearing it. ADORABLE!!
HAppy Thursday, Love~


Where can you get the appon? or things I see on your sight?


Ok, I was do you do that? I mean how do you put those gorgeous collages together? I know you're talented and I could never reproduce that but I'm very interested on the technical side. Do you have to learn the HTML system? I don't have a blog or a webpage: I guess I'm just a very curious woman :)Ciao.


sooo much beauty! and that apron is to die for, I want it as a skirt! i'd wear it for ever!

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